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Dean Hodgdon, 504th MPs with a captured AK47 and SKS assault rifles.  Note the bayonet on the SKS.  Above:  Gary Cartwright, John
Neverla and John Danahy of the 504th MPs.  Cartwright received the Bronze Star for heroism during the Tet Offensive of '68. Drew Bain
630th MP Company.
PFC Helmicki of the 552nd MP CO,  Long Binh holds fellow MP T.J. Chapman "prisoner". Doug Dragert,
552nd MPs, is ready for a convoy run, destination, The Iron Triangle.  Carter with the 504th MP BN.
Lee Simmons today.  Lee
has worked for the VA
for the last 8 years in his
"mission" to help those
that need it most, our
disabled and needing
vets.  His other glory is
his wife, Darla
Sgt. Lee Simmons. Guard mount, 716th MP Co., Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon.  Ken Tuggle, "C" CO, 716th MPs,  receives the Army
Commendation Medal from battalion commander LTC Theodore S. Kanamine. Hubert Ijames, "B" CO, 720th MP BN, Long Binh, '68-'69.
Gerry Hightower on patrol near the airfield at Lai Khe. Mike Seery and Mark Casey
take a break while on duty with the 1st. Infantry Division MPs (The Big Red One).
Lt. Mark Casey today,
retiring after 32 years
with the Mission Police
Herb Molander (top) and Jerry De Juong (right)"C" Company, 716th MP BN. Jim Cassidy with the 9th Infantry
Division MPs near An Loc during Operation Cedar Falls. Now we all know MPs were NOT allowed to drink on
duty. Cassidy must have take this can of Pabst into evidence and is just inspecting it. Some of the beers were were
not allowed to drink were Black Label, Budweiser and Ba Muoi Ba, Vietnamese "33" beer. Of course we followed
this rule strictly
2006 66th MP Company Reunion. Kneeling, left to right, Cothren Criswell, Capt. Potts, Lt. Peters, Simmons, Dail.
Standing, Smith, Delach, Hall, Swisher, Hunsucker, Hopper, Raines, McBroom, Moore. Don Anderson, Anh Khe, 66th
MP CO, 1970. Joe Loesch, 23rd Americal MPS, Chu Lai, 1968.
Per A.W. Christiansen directing a convoy, Saigon, 527th MP CO, Saigon, 1968. SFC Chester Baker, affectionately known as "Da Judge".
Right, Lee Simmons, C CO 720th MPs, convoy.
Drew today.
Mark Casey waits by his gun jeep.  Unknown MPs goofing off. We did a lot of that.  Joe Zamora, 127th MP Company.
Troy Dewayne Cothren on
convoy, Anh Khe.
Joe Loesch photo
Joe Loesch photo
23rd Americal Infantry Division MP guard mount. LZ Baldy, 1968.
Tom Kirkhart, 716th MP BN in the Capitol Hotel. Below: Tony Brandys, 218th MP CO, Nha Trang, 1967-68. The
white deck shoes were used when on river patrol.
Tom Kirkhart photo
5th Infantry Division MPs, location probably
Quang Tri.
Click on above photo for larger
Bruce Stevens, Sr. with
the 504th MP BN, Pleiku
and other MPs of his
unit, with their dog.
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