Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Lt. John McNamara XO of the 212th Sentry Dog Co. at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon. These sentry dogs played a vital role in
protection of military facilties and personnel and are to be honored.  Ed Bodwell, above/right, with his sentry dog Donner.   Ed
and Bill Bennett take a break with their dogs outside of the ammo dump at Long Binh. Right, Mike Siddell and Duke, 9th
Infantry Division MPs.
It is estimated that over 4,000 dogs served their country, 500 killed-in-action. Not only for
sentry purposes, but to detect land mines, booby trap, weapons and even the enemy. These
dogs were either put to sleep or left to an unknown fate. A sad legacy for these heroes.
Dan Byrd standing outside of Company Headquarters of the 212th MPs and with his dog Prince (right) .
Dan now lives in Florida.
Dan with two unknown MPs in a jeep with their sentry dog. Right, Ed Bodwell puts Donner through his paces.
Jim Anderson and his faithful dog "Rebel". Jim was with the 981st MP Sentry Dog Company out of Cam Ranh Bay.  Jim
had to change dogs when Rebel developed cataracts and his new dog was named "Pete".  Jim spent time in Ban Me Thuot
and Tuy Hoa from '69-'70. Ralph Mance with his dog, Bruno, also of the 981st. Right, Ed (helmet in hand) with Danny Ort
and Bill Bennett. Ed's dog died the next night of the Malaysian tic disease
A salute to the war dogs and their
handlers.  There must have been great
sadness when you left each others side.  
There's a dog patiently waiting in heaven
for all of you.
Loyal, faithful
companions. Good
soldiers there to
serve. Only wanting
the acceptance,
admiration and love
of their handler
"...we will meet
again old friend..."
Dan Byrd today.  Retired Captain
with the Florida Marine Patrol for 30
years.  Has three grown children and
still resides in Florida.
Art Peterson and his dog Gunner at Lackland AFB get ready to ship to Vietnam.  At right his dog Fritz at An Son.
Art was in the 981st MP Company. Dale Carlton, 981st MP Company
LAPD Chief William Bratton (also of the 212th MP CO dog handlers) and with Ernie Ayala today. Me, Chief, Ernie, taken at March AFB 2/19/06, dog
handlers ceremony. Ernie and Heidi below. Ernie Ayala, Michael Keach and Charlie Calkins chatting at Tay Ninh. 212th loads up for patrol, below.
Charles Hahn and his dog Duken patrol the Long Binh ammo dump in 1967. Tom Hargreaves and his dog Devil. James Booth and
Eric, Ernie Ayala, Alan Coffin, SP4 Campbell and Smokey. Kneeling is vet specialist Gary Tuoey. This group has just finished a
perimeter patrol around Vinh Long during the Tet Offensive. 1SG Bridges, 1LT Don Odom, LT Hon 981st Scout Dogs, Phu Tai.
More Vietnam Vet dog handlers to the left. Left to right, top to bottom, Dunlap, Hampton, Perry,
Halbmaier, Martin Poss, Luz, McDonough, Moore, Click.
These guys were Air Force dog handlers.
Marine Dog Handlers at a War Dog ceremony at March Air Force Base, Riverside, CA, 2/06.
Vietnam Military Police and their war dogs.
981st MP dog handlers. Jack Duffel and his dog Rebel, right,  were with the 212th MP Company. Ron Saville was
stationed at U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Bae watching our backs. His dog is Shep.
Charles Penley and his two dogs Rebel and Smokey. Charles was with the Air
Force 377th SP K9 at Tan Son Nhut. Steve Terry and Sargeant, 212th MP CO,
Vinh Long. Sargeant 25X1 in the exercise yard.
William Orbit_Adagio for Strings
Click here for dedication to
Gordon Currier. He and his dog
were killed-in-action during the
Tet Offensive of 1968.
Eric E. Nelson and his dog, Smokey, 212th MP Company, '67-68.  Below, Jim McCafferty and his dog Scout served in Long Binh and
Vung tau. Daryl Crump and x652, Mighty Mouse212th MP CO, Long Binh and Vinh Long.
Jim Harding, 212th MPs and Prince. Rick Muto and Rinny. Mel Steinhauer and Heidi. Unkown MP and dog also
with the 212th MP CO. Below, Rich Sherrie and with his dog Mitchell, 212th MP CO, Vung Tau. War dogs and their
handlers load up or duty, Danang.
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An MP with the 212th MP CO gives local kids a tour of the dog kennels. 212th MP CO guard mount. A 212th MP
with his dog and members of the 720th MP CO on a day recon. Jimmy Gifford, 366th Security Police Squadron (Air
Force) and his dog. Unknown, Long Binh.
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