Uniform Code of Military Justice
Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon. Saigon street scene. APCs (armored personnel carriers) line a street near the Phu Tho race track during
Tet '68. Phan Rang Air Base. Area of French cemetery on Mang Yang Pass. Danang Air Base Post Exchange.
720th MP BN EM (enlisted men) Club (Happy Valley).
Vung Tau, 1969. Headquarters 16th MP Brigade.
Ben Thanh market, Saigon. Church in Quan Loi. Marble Mountain, Danang, 1967.
3rd Field Hospital, Saigon. Mini mall at Ban Me Thuot. Bikini at the beach, 1969.
Choppers over Tuy Hoa, north of Nha Trang. MP jeeps in front of the International Hotel in Saigon.
Elements of the 716th MP BN were billeted here. An Aussie MP takes a break during patrol in Saigon
to talk with a Vietnamese Motorcycle cop.
One of the several satire magazines that were published during the war in Vietnam. A Vietnamese MP (QC) watches a
Marine memorial in 1966. Soldiers from the 300th MP Company arrive in Vietnam destined for Saigon and Quang Tri
An MP patrol jeep in Saigon. MP in back seat was probably being dropped off for duty at one of the posts
guarded by the MPs (army billets/offices, etc.). MP Bamonte in class A uniform  part of a protection detail for
Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge. An MP with the 1st Infantry Division clowns with one of the Vietnamese
workers coming onto base.
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