Military Police Of The Vietnam War
SSG Harry Battle was with the 552nd MP Company in Long Binh from 1968-70.  He later
retired as a Lieutenant with the New York Police Department and is now retired in Florida.
The 552nd MPs were part of the II Field Force and located northeast of Saigon and just south of Bien Hoa.  
Many of the MPs pulled temporary duty with combat infantry divisions during special operations.   Below SSG
Battle chats with MPs prior to arrival of the OIC for guard mount. Prior to going to Vietnam The Duece
trained in guerilla warfare at Fort Benning, Georgia. Above, Baxter, Russo, Pops Brady and Doug Dragert
learn the fine art of cleaning pots and pans. Ken Caskey, lower right. Jim Gipp, upper right.
MP Carpenter takes a break from patrol.  Don Argent (driver) , John  Dickenson, and Wong on the M60 pause along side the road
to talk to some kids.  Behind the kids is a rubber plantation.  One of many that dotted the landscape and were great spots for
ambushes or snipers. Buddies Doug Dragert, and Frank Briggs. Unknown and Gene Sypchalski getting ready for work.
This unknown MP and his dog.  
Soldiers were always able to find
a pet.  Dogs were very common.
Right, MP Sieffert looking
squared away.  
Vietnam was not without beautiful
girls.  Miss Sue, below left, worked
for the 552nd MPs.  An unidentified
girls sits next to the 552nd MP
I invite you all to visit this site.  It is the history of the Military Police in Vietnam.  
I do not know the author of this page.  It is very informative and gives a detailed
history of the units.   To get there click on the 18th MP Brigade shoulder patch to
the right.....................................
The great Bob Hope clowns with
the beautiful Connie Stevens, Long
Binh, 1969.
John Prahl and Earl Baxter, 552 MP just before we escorted a convoy from the 1st Infantry Div. base camp at Dian into the Iron
Triangle, during Operation Cedar Falls.  The tent was our over night suite at Lai Khe. Tom Likely, me, Willie Walker, guard mount '66.
Folks, when you don't have showers built you run outside at the first Vietnam downpour.  Doug Dragert, watches Pops Brady clean
his tush during a brief, but heavy down pour.
Lt. Ed Morris and PFC Kohler.  Mike Opsteen (now deceased) and Ed Morris at The Wall, in D.C.
Below, Henry Steger at the Cong Ly compound in Bien Hoa .
LT Leo Deas on patrol Widows Village.
552nd MP Company football team, Long Binh. Above, right, Les Beck being treated for wounds received during fighting in the Widows
Village during Tet. CAPT Dave Kennedy and 1SGT Sweeney arriving in Vietnam.
Andy Russo on the M60. SSGT  John Cline, SP4 Jim Burnside and SP4 Len Seidl, in the back, waiting at the Cu Chi
crossroads during Operaton Junction City. Roger Grubbs. Phil Adams, Ken Caskey, Mark Barbato
Jim Burnside, 552nd MP CO, SSG John Cline, right, at Long Binh.
Eminem_Til I Collapse
Grady Hardin. Ron Frampton, center, gets a visit from his twin Air Force brother, Al. Wayne
Collins of the 716th MP BN stands next to the jeep. Me and LT Ed Morris. Spychalski in the rear
with sunglasses on. SSGT Guerassio has his back to the camera. Gordan Vollan, 552nd MP CO, in
tower at Long Binh.
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