"Alert, alert!  This is the real thing!"
These are the words that Lt. Frank Ribich, 527th MP CO, 716th MP Battalion heard that early morning of
January 31st, 1968.  Soon he and his troops would be in route to clear the American Embassy of enemy troops
in one of the most significant events of any war.
Phu Tho Race Track, staging ground for the VC assault got shot up pretty good.
These VC paid with their lives.  The VC never "took over the Embassy" as portrayed by the American press.  The
MPs on duty killed the leaders when they came through the hole blown in the wall.  The two MPs were killed during
the fight. The VC were then trapped inside the walls by the MPs who responded lead by Lt. Frank Ribich.  He waited
until dawn to move in, not wanting to take the riskier chance of attacking inside in the darkness.
The front gate to the U.S. Embassy.  Notice the damage to the Embasy plaque.  MPs drove a jeep
through this gate to engage the enemy inside.  Two MPs take up a position behind a tree across
from the compound. A dead VC lays inside the compound.
E.O.D. inspects dead VC for booby traps. Wounded 716th MP gets help. Dead VC carried out by MPs.
B.O.Q. 3, the scene of heavy fighting.
After the battle in the
alley of B.O.Q. 3, dead
MP bodies are removed.
Below, left, Steve Branch,
716th MPs,and his buddy
after the fight in the
alley. 527th MPs reflect
outside of the Embassy
after the battle.
Frank Ribich (LTC, Retired) was a young 1st Lieutenant and the finest leader I served with. He lead the reaction force to
take back the United States Embassy. He was a Ranger, then an MP. Frank, in front of The Wall, died a few years ago of
heart failure
For a chronology of what happened in Saigon on
the first night, please click
on the MP helmet.
Nothing to say here
Silver Stars awarded to men of the 716th MP BN and C Company 52d Infantry
(assigned to the 716th) for heroism during the Tet Offensive. In kiosh outside of the
International Hotel.
An MP watches over the covered bodies of two MPs killed in the Embassy battle. The bodies of
a dead MPs and SG, assigned to the 716th MP BN is watched over during the battle for BOQ 3.
MPs escort one of the two
surviving VC from the
Embassy grounds.
SP4 Ynez Aguilar, B CO, 716th ready to patrol with Sergeant from 52nd Infantry attached to the 716 MP BN. MPs take cover at the Embassy
battle. Paul Healey, awarded Bronze Star for heroism at Embassy battle.
courtesy Ynez Aguilar
Unknown B CO 716th MP. MPs take a needed break inside the doorway of the Capitol Hotel. MP with machine gun at the
entrance of hotel. (photos courtesy Ynez Aguilar
APCs and tanks line a street in Cholon  Stars and Stripes article on TET. Saigon burns.
Hans Zimmer
Kingdom of Heaven_Crusaders
Troy Hirni II, C CO 52d
Infantry, and John F.
Fullerton, Jr. of D CO, killed
in action during the Tet
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