Above is the main gate to the Bien Hoa Air Base.  Access to the air base was controlled by the Air Force Police who later
became known as  Security Police, or SPs.  Right, Jack Smith and Jack Smith today with former SP Jackie Kays at the Air
Force museum.
Calvin Herdman, above at the main gate to the Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon.  Top right an unknown SP and National Policeman patrol the
base in a joint operation.  Dave Dowdell and another unknown SP patrolling the perimeter to Tan Son Nhut on the graveyard shift.
An SP and an MP get the M60 machine gun loaded and ready for a joint patrol near Bien Hoa.  SP Rueben Davis and his war dog are from
the 3rd Security Police Squadron.  Their main job was to be on the lookout for sappers.  Another SP is ready for patrol as he sits next to his
50 cal. machine gun.
APs from the 3rd Security Police Squadron stop to talk to a local girl.   Tommy Williams
Air Force Security Police, Phu Cat Air Base.  Tommy Williams poses with a captured VC
122mm. rocket launcher.  Notice the bamboo tripod.  You might think pretty primitive,
but they were very effective at shooting rockets into Saigon during TET and TET II.
photo David Dowdell
Tommy poses with ROK (Republic of Korea) soldiers.  These photos are from the Phu Cat Air Base in 1970-71.
Left, Jack Smith at the main gate to Ton Son Nhut Air Base, 377th Security Police. Pat Houseworth and Harry Bevan, Nha
Trang, 1969. Pat today. Visit his web site at
Dong Ha was a desolate outpost near the
DMZ.  A Quad-50 (50 caliber machine guns)
sits atop an old French fort.  Terry Sandman
was one of the group of SPs who maintained the
perimeter security for this combat base
photo by Terry Sandman
Terry Sandman today.  Retired Lt. with the
U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division.  3
children, 4 grand kids.  Lives in Kansas
City, MO.
Bob Anisko sent in these two very interesting pics of SPs from the early year of 1963.  Notice the hats and
even a pith helmet on one SP. Bob Cruz goofs around and Dempsey Taylor (from Detroit) , to his right, has
a laugh. Main gate to Ton Son Nhut, 1963. Tony Niemotka, main gate, Nha Trang '68-99.
Bruce Thompson on escort duty along route 1 out of Nha Trang.  At right posing with three Vietnamese
Military Police (QC).  Bob Brennan (right), 823rd Combat Security Police was stationed at Phan Rang.
United States Air
Force Security Police
Tribute to the Air
Force Security
Birdwhistle, Mike Marcelain and Don Nichols.
Bob Sylvia, Glenn Damble, Robbie Robertson, mortar crew, Phu Cat 1971. Bob today.  Guard mount, Phu Cat.
photo Bob Sylvia
Gulick, Doug Davis, Murray, Basta 37th SPS, Canine, Phu Cat, 1968.  Sgt.
Davis and Smoke 978x perimeter sweep, Phu Cat. SSGT Eddie McAfee, 12th
SPS, Cam Ranh Bay, 1968. Security Police fire 50 cal machine gun at
perimeter of Phu Cat Air Base. Wayne Dezarn, Binh Thuy AB, 1969.
photo Bob Sylvia
David Hechler and his buddy Brian Hawkins at the main gate at Bien Hoa.
David taking a break during a joint MP convoy escort out of Long Binh.
Steve Shelt, 633rd SP Squadron, Peiku.  Lebsack and Shelt preparing for sweep of perimeter after a
night of attacks during Tet. William McDonald, 1967 and joking with house maid Dap.
Audiomachine_The Fire Within
Marlan Thompson, top/center, taking out his war dog, Bien Hoa Air Base. Russ Columbo at the back gate at
Ton Son Nhut. Main gate, photo Mike Marcelain.
Image Marlan Thompson
One of four SPs killed defending Ton
Son Nhut (Bunker O-51) Tet, 1968.
Wayne D. Dezarn, 632nd SP
Squadron, Binh Thuy Airbase
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