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Above, girl going to school in Saigon.  Above is a village just outside of Saigon taken on a chopper ride to Tay Ninh.  Below, middle, is a
scene of downtown Saigon. This monument was destroyed by the communist when they took over Saigon. Above, right a hamlet viewed
from a chopper.
photo John Neverla.
Oh, how times have changed.  Above is
a photo of the communications desk for
the 716th MP Battalion in Saigon.  Note
the pegboard and the typewriter.  
Below, troops from the 504th strike a
classic pose.
Ron Latona (now deceased) stands on top of his
V-100 outside of the Phu Bai compound. Ron
was awarded the Purple Heart while in Vietnam.
photo, Jon Holloway
Duane Good (left), unknown MP and Barre Folendorf (right, now deceased) pose outside a combined police forces station
in Qui Nhon.  These MPs were with the 127th MP Company. Sgt.William T. Brookshire, "A" Co., 716th MPs in Saigon,
1971-72.  William now lives in Canton, N.C.   Below, two  temples.  One in the ancient city of Hue, another Danang.
Photo Pablo Hernandez
Photo Richard Alvarez
Otto Uebel, left on joint patrol with a
Vietnamese cop and mugging right, was
with the 175th MP Company in Saigon,
1964.  Only 6,000 troops were in country
then, but terrorists acts were numerous
and MPs from his company were killed in
action in the city of
Saigon.                            Photos courtesy
of Otto Uebel.
Otto has made trips back to Saigon plus
Cambodia, Laos, Thailand.
Larry Baum, 504th MP BN at Nha Trang in 1965.  Larry is third from the left.  His wife Kay sent these
pictures as Larry is now deceased.  Rest in peace, Larry.  Howard JHONSON above?  Oh, well..........
photo courtesy Kay Baum
Johnny Colon, 557th MP Company, Long Binh. above center/right.  Robert Brisbin, PMO, A Company, 716th MP
BN. Girls in traditional dress. Below, Vietnam welcomes you to Saigon...right/Cam Ranh Bay.
Above, Olin James Coleman (right) and buddy Wiggins. To the right, Olin and Hoa and with his daughter, Angie,
shortly before passing away from cancer. Coleman was in "B" CO, 716th MP BN.
courtesy Russell Liggett
courtesy Tom Briggs
The Continental Palace Hotel, Saigon. Below,
river scene outside of Saigon.
courtesy Tom Briggs
Center of Saigon
courtesy Tom Briggs
courtesy Tom Briggs
courtesy Roger Merillat
127th MP Company area......monsoon.
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