A break in a convoy lead by 720th MP BN MPs. Cardinal Spellman and General Westmoreland watched over by
MPs. A Vietnamese MP(QC) patrol.   
MP helps citizens flee fighting during Tet II.    PMO in Qui Nhon.
Saddle Up!
Force Majeure_Audiomachine
Flares light up the night time sky. William Thomas Brookshire. Mortar platoon from the 1st Infantry Division.
LT William Simpson, 504th MP BN. 552nd MP CO MPs patrol Long Binh. National Police Joint Patrol
Headquarters in Saigon. MPs take a break with some local kids.
A Security Guard (SG), 52nd Infantry attached to the 716th MP BN,  has some fun with a
local kid. An MP in class A uniform stands outside of the old American Embassy in 1965.
SP4 Godfrey from the 272nd MP CO with a local policeman nicknamed "Lucky.
Aftermath of a fire fight near the Phu Tho race track,
Saigon, Tet '68. An MP in front of the USO, Saigon.
Two MPs from the 720the MP BN were killed near Tay Ninh when ambushed, 1967. CPL Robert Earl
Clowe and SP4 Wallace Michael Jackson were killed-in-action. A QC at the main gate to Ton Son
Nhut Airport. Two MPs from the 504th MP BN hold their company sign.
A 504th MP gun jeep ready for duty. Officers of
the 504th MP BN. 630th MP CO jeep on the
beach at Phan Thiet.
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