Proven In Battle
A Vietnamese MP (QC) sits on an MP jeep at a checkpoint near New Port.
Bernard Kichula (center) 188th MP CO. Bernard aboard a ship in the Saigon
MP Johnson on joint patrol in Vung Tau. 630th MP CO MPs do a bar check in Phan
Thiet. 720th MP BN MPs lead a convoy over a temporary bridge near Tay Ninh while
the pemanent bridge, damaged by the VC, is repaired.
Bill Ratke. 560th MP CO V100 commando vehicle, "Avenger II". Checking a
worker coming on base
An MP from the 716th MP BN sits outside of the Brinks Hotel. A local Vietnamese
cop stands with him. 300th MP CO MPs pull security for Bob Hope Show
SGT Vaughn Guenley on patrol with a local police officer. MPs check workers ID's and
any possible contraband before entering US facilities
Convoy escort on Hwy 1 near Tuy Hoa. Convoy out of Tay
Ninh. MP jeep at main gate of LZ Betty, at Phan Thiet
23rd Americal Division MPs look bewildered at a passed out soldier at a show on the base at Chu Lai.
Convoy escort out of Danang. MPs in Saigon at an unknown location
Tom McKeon, Klotzer and Sgt. Joe Adamski, 720th MP BN, TET-February 1969, with a captured
AK47. Dan Compston, left, and two of his buddies looking sharp. A Vietnamese MP pushes a trussed
VC into the back of a jeep.

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