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A farmer gives  a playful salute as his picture is snapped.  Although there were cultural misunderstandings
I found the Vietnamese to be a very friendly, humble and generous people. A VC P.O.W. compound near Bien Hoa. Saigon street
Working the rice paddies.  Below,  female workers are bulding a roadway.  Very difficult work in the heat and humidity of Vietnam. Da Krong
bridge near Quang Tri. Unknown bridge below. Kids were everywhere.
A peaceful Budda looks over the seaside town of Nha Trang.  To the right you can see the Buddha off in the distance above the town.  Photos
courtesy of Gil Bunnell.
Looking down on Hwy. 316 between Bien Hoa and Saigon.
At right a compound where civilian workers lived.   I was able to work in Vietnam for 2 years as a civilian with AAFES
(Army Air Force Exchange Services) and was able to draw a far greater salary than what I would have made returning to
the U.S.A. at 21 years old.  After my 2 year tour as an MP I went back to Vietnam to find a job.   I had found a job and
was going to be making $3.47 an hour plus an additional $10.00 a day if I went into the field to do any work.   Now, it
certainly isn't much by todays standards, but back then it was
very good  money.  Worked Mon-Sat., ten hours a day.
Taking us back to "The World", as
it was called.  Helen Tennant was a
stewardess with World Airways in
1966.  She made many a flight back
and forth to bring us home.
An Khe base camp. Beautiful coastal town of Vung Tau. Ships coming up the Saigon River from Vung Tau. MPs road these ships to provide security. Plantation Road
on the north end of Saigon. Saigon street on a rainy day.
Saigon from a chopper, street art on display in Saigon. Below a church in Bien Hoa and the city of Bien Hoa.
courtesy Larry Diebert
courtesy Tom Briggs
Saigon market scene and a homeless boy sleeps in Saigon. Saigon then, and now. The pedicab, best way to get around Saigon. Catholic Church in Saigon, below.
courtesy Tom Briggs
courtesy Tom Briggs
courtesy Larry Diebert
courtesy Larry Diebert
courtesy Jeff Elmer
Beautiful aoi dais. Photo courtesy Hieu
courtesy John Prahl
Qui Nhon
Cholon PX
Bruce Cook
Ha Mang Yun_Jewel in the Palace
Beautiful Da Lat. Notice the completely different terrain.
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