This photo was taken of me and another 527th MP Sergeant in the Saigon
Zoo.  With us are two Quan Canhs or QC, Vietnamese for Military Police.
Al Leonard, A CO 716th MP BN gets a haircut in the Capitol BEQ.
An MP Sergeant jokes around with a shop owner in Bien Hoa
trying on a "different" kind of MP headgear.  The shop owner
would change our helmet liners into MP helmets.  You can see
them hanging in the shop ready to be picked up. Guess who just
got back from R&R in Japan. PFC Yates, 300th MP CO,
Pershing Field, Saigon.
Mike Leon and John Schembra were good buddies in the 557th MP CO, Long Binh.
They lost contact with each other for 30 years and were finally reunited.  Mike and
John pose today during a visit. Above, Glenn Feezer, 720th MPs, Bear Cat. Below,
Gary Cummings, 300th MP CO and 1st Inf. Div. MPs.
"I thought it was hot in
John Neverla and buddies, upper right, from the 504th MPs at Anh Khe get ready for a convoy run.  Left, Carmine DeSena and
Mike Bledsoe outside of Anh Khe on the road to Quin Nhon.  Getting ready to, get this, cite speeders.  Yes, no speeding or
reckless driving allowed in Vietnam. Toney Funes talks to Ed Tremble and Bess, 716th MP BN, Saigon.
SSG George King, Nha Trang, 218th MP Company, 1969-70.  To his right is Ron Taylor who
now lives in Colorado.  A Filipino MP stands next to Albert Taguet. Albert was of
French/Vietnamese decent and was an interpreter.  Below an MP from the 527th MP
Company in Saigon watching traffic during town patrol. Roger Merillat, 630th MP CO, on
the ship in route to Vietnam. Herb Marlow, left, Jim Rawlings center with CID, Cam Ranh
Bay. MPs looking down on Saigon from the Capitol Hotel.
photo Jim Stewart
Flag of the
These two photos were submitted by Tony Wood, down near the island of Bali.  They had pin
holes in them as if they had been pinned on someone's board for awhile and weren't in great
shape with a lot of blemishes. They have been enhanced. Daryl Miller, 560th MPs.
This plaque was dedicated and placed at the American Embassy in Saigon.  The plaque is in honor of
the  4 MPs and one USMC trooper that were killed defending the embassy during TET of 1968.  When
Saigon fell this plaque went into the hands of the communists.  There is action in progress to try to get
this plaque turned over to the rightful owners.
 PLEASE CLICK ON THE PLAQUE. It will then take
you to a page explaining how you can get involved.   Also, if anyone has any photos of the 4 MPs
please contact me as this photos may be necessary to assist in the return of the plaque.
Photo Jim Stewart
Photo Jim Stewart
Russell Leggitt sent this in. This painting adorned the entrance to the Capitol Hotel in
Cholon, home of Company "B", 716th MPs......cool.  Scott Henry, AFP, checks out Ann
Margaret at a Bob Hope Show.
Photo Jim Stewart
Bobbie Keith, 19, AFVN
weather girl.
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