Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Now this doesn't look like the standard issue M14 or M16.  Was Al Capone issuing weapons out of his armory? Jeff England of the
127th MP Company. SP4 Charles Sullivan, 527th MP CO, Saigon. John Moody, 9th Inf. Div. MPs. Below: SSG Antosh, 198th
River Patrol (River Rats)................."There it is, boys!" Arriving off the coast of Vietnam.
photo Dale Mattier
SSG Clark Hopper with the 66th MP Company out of Phu Tai.  Clark was a desk sergeant and patrol
supervisor from 1970-71. Middle, Ron Orlando. Upper right: Dennis McCloud, Lloyd Redford, Karl Klink,
630th MP CO
The Turkey Tavern was the 66th
MPs club.  Of course we all know
MPs were not allowed to drink
beer while in Vietnam, right?
66th MPs, Phu Tai put out a little harassment fire, Dave Buck, 557th MP CO next to gun jeep. Andrew Showalter and
Tom Gissberg ready for convoy escort.
MP Ron LaTona V-100 driver 504th MP BN. 127th MP takes a
sugarcane break. Right, Tom Gissberg (with rifle) at MP checkpoint
South of Bong Son overlooking
LZ Uplift Jerry Cassell with other
504th "C" Co. MPs.
Richard Alvarez, 504th MP BN, Phu Bai, at right with his wife and his new tattoo. Below, 504th V-100. Phu Bai, below right.
Bottom:  504th after an ambush. Tom Simmons, 218th MPs out of Nha Trang. Upper right, Benny Edmondson and Ron Denbow.
courtesy Richard Alvarez
Dave Leonard after convoy run to Firebase Tomahawk near Phu Bai, 504th MPs Dearnbock and Allison at the south gate.
Nha Trang Air Base tower. Below, the 500th MP Detachment, Saigon. Jerry J. Mines, back row, second from the right and
kneeling in front of him is Sean Boylan. Gentlemen, this is June of 1965! Weren't too many of us in country at that time.
Tom Clark, two tours with the 23rd
Americal MPs.
courtesy Roger Merillat
courtesy Roger Merillat
courtesy Roger Merillat
Michael Messenger "C" CO, 716th MP BN,
1972. MP Weiss, 560th MP Company.
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127th MP CO awards ceremony. Joe Canfora and unknown MP officer. 127th MP CO guard mount.
Barry Schmelzer photo
Barry Schmelzer photo
This series of photos is from late 1965 in
front of the old U.S. Embassy that was
bombed in early l966.
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