Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Dave Cole with the 560th MPs give us his best M60 pose.  Dave and other MPs rode the cargo ships up the Saigon River for
off-loading of their cargo.  MPs also rode the tug boats that pulled barges full of munitions and supplies down into the Mekong Delta.  
Two MPs provided security along the way and were armed with M14's, M79 grenade launchers and the M60.  Above a 560th MP and
an Australian MP on joint patrol in Vung Tau.  Unknown 716th MP outside a BEQ hit with a terrorist bomb.
photo Dave Cole
Ron Neuhaus, left and Bob Scott of the 25th Infantry Division MPs out of Cu Chi.  Ron is seen here on base.  Bob is providing security with
his gun jeep for a broken down deuce-and-a-half truck near the Nui Ba Den mountain. SP4 Ward, 9th Infantry MPs carrying a bit stick.
Karl Ford was with the "Keepers of the Keys", the 284th MPs at the Long Binh Jail from 1970-71.  Above, drying laundry and to the
right. Carl Evers, 272nd MPs at Phan Rang. Below (left), Doyle Chandler, second from left and MP buddies. In Dalat,
Allen/Blakney/Reihart/Ken Anderson/Crook and Eder, all with the 630th MPs. MPs on patrol pass a bar in Phan Rang.
Karl Tripp, 552nd MP CO with a QC.  Louis Preston Lawhorn, 1st INF DIV. McDuffie with the 615 MPs clowning around. Below,
left, 218th MP CO V100 convoy escort. Ken Wade, 9th INF DIV MPs.
9th Infantry Division Company, guard mount. Two 9th MPs on convoy duty.
Left: Major May (Provost Marshal 615th MPs) and Sgt. Al Bradley in Bien Hoa.
SP4 Radabaugh, 300th MP CO, Saigon. Unknown 716th MP on
V-100. Desk Sgt. Tom Woods, Provost Marshals Office, Saigon.
from the movie
Tru Van QC, Pleiku
Douglas Sparkes, 560th MP CO, on foot patrol in Vung Tau and checking passes.
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