This is exactly what it looks like.  Now I would guess the military term for it would be latrine, but folks it was simply known as
the "shitter" to most of us.  Those are 50 gallon drums that have been cut in half.  They are full of exactly what you think they
are full of.  You can see where the backs of the latrines have been raised up and the drums dragged out into the open.  The next
step was to burn the contents.  Needless to say, not a duty anyone wanted.  Ah, the luxury of military life.Lt. William Thomas
and Sgt.Miller inspect new jeeps just arriving for the 615th MP Company.
Those who served in the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) were given a card containing the
nine rules to help win the war and the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese.  To the right is similar card, the
Code of Conduct.
Charles Hubbard and other 9th Inf. Div. MPs clown around.
John Wayne and Ann Margaret visiting and performing for the troops.  630th MPs standing on a V-100 ready for a convoy to Dalat. LaVare
and McDuff  in the background, Eder, Crook, Flurry and Ken Anderson. Pete Lacanfora, 560th MP CO, Pleiku.
Les Morgan, 66th MP CO, now living in Illinois next to his V-100, THOR II. The International Hotel, Saigon, home to the 527th MP Company.
Below is a photo of Phu Tai pass where many a convoy was run and ambushed. SFC Evans and Lt. Thomas, 615th MP Company. Below, Miss Snow
and her father doing MP laundry. 25th Infantry Division MP with his pet.
I'm sure it has
said in every
war, "how
can a land as
beautiful as
this be so
SP4 James Franklin was stationed in Vinh
Long down in the Mekong Delta region.  
Below is a pic he sent of a street side café.
557th MPs.  On the left an unknown Lieutenant, Lt. Cocks, Capt. Shoup, Lt. Joe Murray, Top Sgt.
Alexander (1966).  The 557th not only had the Long Binh Jail (LBJ), but did river security and river patrols
as well.  Photos courtesy of Joe Murray. Don Pruitt and Al Bradley survey damage in Bien Hoa after Tet.
Proud Member Of The Infantrymen Family of Sites
Henry Churchbourne outside the U.S. Ambassadors Compound, 1965.  An early Guard Mount with American, New
Zealand, Australian and local Vietnamese Police, Saigon. Charles Klotz, 560th MPs with local national police
A young SP4 Herb Marlow in
1968. A career soldier would
later retire as a CW3 from
CID. Herb served with the
CID in the Cam Ranh Bay
Field Office, Det. B 8th MP
Group, 1970. Check out his
CID Army Detectives in
Peace and War.
Unknown MPs.
Can anyone
identify any of
James today at a military reunion in
Kokomo, Indiana.
Future World Music_Breath and Life
SGT Michael
Blackman (9th INV
DIV MPs) at the
main gate at Dong
Rod Layton 557th MP CO Bien Hoa PM
Detachment,  1969.
Unknown,  James Sanders, unknown,  
P. Vaughn on the M-60, QC Duc,
Jerry Foster 720th BN MPs with the
11th Cavalry at Xuan Loc
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