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Austin Conway, Loyd Arrington, Don Olansen  of the 552nd MP Company, Long Binh.  
Below: 552nd MPs (Denver, Olansen, Holmlmer, Schnewin, Habhegger, Holmire, Paige,
Walker) clown with their berets honoring membership in the 552nd MP Playboy Club of
Joe Renforth
557 MPs.  
552nd MP
escorts Nancy
during a Bob
Hope Show.
A scenic view with the 127th MP Compound in the foreground, hills and sky of Quin Nhon
in the background. Upper right: Cliff Bowlin.
Above, 272nd MPs Fatman Jenkins, Speedy Russell Gonzales and Indian Weiss
Washington pose in Bong Son.   Paul Bogush, 272nd MPs looking for his fox hole.  It's
somewhere under the flooded area to his left.  Below:  A view of the Capital Hotel in the
Cholon District of Saigon.  Home of "A" Company, 716th MP Batallion.
Tom Likely, probably President of the club,
poses outside of the tent, uh club.
The club, as you can see, was very boring.
Above, right:  Jimmy Stewart (no relation)  C/52 Inf., 716th MP BN mans a 50 caliber
machine gun.  He has taken up position atop the American Embassy. Ron Henselman,
720th MPs, motor pool.
SSG Lawrence Nunn (179th MP Detachment) and SSG Thomas Fink (615th MP CO.).  Major Milford
Gilliam, Provost Marshal and SSG Donald Pruitt (179th MPs), Bien Hoa. Don Pruitt today with his
sons Jim and Gary Lee.  Leanier, 9th INF DIV MP.
SP4 Wayne Wahlmeier.  Wayne was
part of Company B, 504th MP BN,
stationed in Pleiku from 1968 to 1969.  
Wayne died in 2001.  His family wants
to hear from anyone he might have
served with.  If you knew Wayne
please write to me so that I may pass
info onto the family.
Keefe King and P.G. Gentrup with the 25th Infantry Division MPs out of Cu Chi.  Paul
Coonelly, driver, heads out on patrol during TET in Saigon. Paul was with A CO, 716th MP
BN. Paul takes some local transportation cruising Saigon
. Russell Dean Padgett, 504th MP BN>
Above 5 images provided by
Mark Stickney, 218th MP CO,
Nha Trang.
John Williams_Omaha Beach
Saving Private Ryan
Ramiro de la Garza, 66th MP Company.  Ken "Cap"
Anderson, 630th MP CO, convoy escort.
James Andrew Castleberry
was killed May 31, 1968
during an ambush while on
road security patrol near
the radio site a bit south of
Da Lat.
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