My Personal Page
I was born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1946.  Like
most of us from that era we were from very humble
beginnings.   At left at home in Iron Hill, Delaware
just outside of Newark.  We then moved to Fair Hill,
Maryland when I was about 6 and I finally graduated
from Elkton High School in 1964, barely having
enough credits to graduate.
Baseball had always been my
love and to this date I'm still
its number one fan.  I played
shortstop during little league,
here for the Chiefs and then
decided baseball wasn't for
me when I saw my first curve
ball in the Babe Ruth leagues
My dad worked at the Chrysler Plant in Newark, my mom
did odd jobs, making "Katie's Subs" out of our house.  
Life was pretty simple.  Pretty great.
The reason I almost didn't graduate is to the left.  Not
my boyhood best friend Dee Clay, but the Fender
Stratocaster in my hands.  We became quite good and
played in a popular local band called "The Sabres".  
We had the "sharpest sound around", so said our
business cards.  I missed many a day at school having
been out late playing a gig.  Dee later toured with The
Box Tops from "The Letter" fame and played music
all his life.  I sold the Fender guitar when I went in the
Army.  Today it would be worth about $25,000.  Ouch!
The year here is around 1962.
Of course, after high school the band broke up and I played with a few bands
here and there.  Even worked at McDonalds.  That, in itself,  probably gave me
the incentive to join the Army.  I joined in February of 1966.  Went to basic
training at Ft. Jackson, SC; the MP Academy at Ft. Gordon, GA; and
Counter-guerrilla Warfare School at Ft. Benning GA.   Next stop, Vietnam.  
Vietnam would take up the next four years of my life and I would return
stateside to Bellingham, Washington in July of 1970.
Of course I grew my sideburns and a fu-manchu and
picked up a guitar again.  Contrary to my look, never
smoked dope or did drugs and went to Shoreline
Community College in Seattle.  I moved to San Diego
around 1973 or so.  I got back into baseball, but never
music.   I played a lot of
fast pitch softball in El
Cajon, CA and, as you
can see, still couldn't hit
the curveball.
Disco came and went.  I never did the disco, but
did have a baby blue leisure suit.  I actually wore
it.  I'm glad disco is dead.
I worked as an auditor for ten years in
San Diego then was the Security
Manager for the Navy Exchange at
NAS Miramar and Roosevelt Roads,
Puerto Rico.

To the left my best friend of almost 33
years Mick Hurst, batting, and I try to
prove we can still play baseball.  We
couldn't.  Mick a Deacon for the
Lutheran Church would later baptize

Went down to Puerto Rico to work for
a year and returned to San Diego
where I worked for the School Police
Department.  I went to the Police
Academy at night at age 44 while I
worked.  During this time I met the
greatest gift of my life, Carmen
Fregoso Martinez from Mexicali,

Carmen and I in Baltimore, Maryland
in 1995.  Of course, went to Camden
Yards and watched the Orioles play.
Now living in the desert in Imperial,
CA near the Mexico border.  I have
been a Brawley Police Officer, me on
the left, since 1991.  Retiring a
Corporal in December of 2002.
Wrote my book,
The Angel From
, in
Of course there's more, but this is enough.  I had always wanted to do a
tribute to the guys I served with and started the site in March of 2002.  I've
enjoyed doing it and getting all the emails that I do.  I'm a patriot and have
the greatest respect for all who served and those who serve today.  Hoo-ahhh!
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Carmen and me, Dec. 6th, 2002, Las Vegas,
1953 destined to be a
lawman.  San Diego
City School Police,
Thanks to the Lord above for
bringing this woman to me.  The
greatest person on the face of this
My book, The Angel
From Vietnam
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