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Jim Troupe. Counter-guerrilla warfare school, Ft. Benning, Georgia.
552nd MP Co., Long Binh. Seen here parading for the camera with the
300th MP Co., Saigon. Jim is from New York. Center: Ron Frampton with
the 552nd MP CO, Long Binh, holding an M79 grenade launcher. At
right, Ron today with his grandson Army Ranger T.J. White
The status and missions of the MPs changed in Vietnam. In the initial attack on the U.S. Embassy during the Tet Offensive of 1968
the first two casualties were MPs killed defending the embassy. Two more MPs were killed when responding to the fire fight taking
place there. 27 MPs lost their lives and 45 were wounded fighting in and around Saigon during the battle that raged for control of
the city. The traditional duties of town patrol, base security, POW security had been augmented with armed river patrols, convoy
escorts, etc. Many MPs names appear on The Wall in Washington, D.C.
Lt. Frank Ribich, Company "C", 716th MP Battalion.  He lead his men to the U.S. Embassy.  See the pics and read the text
of this heroic fight by the MPs, visit the TET page. Above, MPs Smitty, Brock, Porch, Nichols, Abma and Moran at Camp
Evans, 504th MP BN. Donald Barker, 148th MP Platoon.
Marvin Danley with the 716th MP BN out of Saigon. 504th MP stands by his jeep in beautiful Kontom area. MPs from the
504th MP BN, Danang.
Gill Bunnell from Massachusetts served with the 272nd MPs there in 1968. Ken Hunsucker with the
66th MP Company out of Phu Tai. Below, left, SFC Strickland, "A" CO, 716th MP BN, Cholon
District of Saigon.  Lee Laliberte, 716th MPs looks down from the roof of the American Embassy
during the Tet Offensive
Two MPs with the 66th MP CO out of Qui Nhon. SP4 Dell also of the 66th.SP/4 Kevin Mills, 66th MP CO out of Qui Nhon.
postcard photo - Jim Stewart
MPs from the 552nd MP Co. in Long Binh havin' a good chat. Mike Ramirez, 552 MPs, me standing behind him. My good
buddy Mike Ramirez found me and here he is with wife Ada today. Mike is retired. and living in Florida
Alan Brannon and SP/4 Strobach of the 218th MP Company standing along side of Hwy 1 near Nha Trang. This photo
from 1971. 560th MPs on patrol in Vung Tau, broken down with nowhere to go. MP Captains Dennis Porter and Wayne
Hanson, 504th MP BN ham it up
Click here for a tribute to the 66th MP Company
66th MP
Company Click
Photo by Jim Stewart
716th MP BN
Ken today with his
son Brandon and his
police dog. Ken is a
retired after 32 years
on the police force
and living in North
photo Jim Stewart
George Fleming, second from left, with fellow "B" CO, 716th MPs take a break during TET. Wally Gannon and
George Kuttler, 504th MP BN, then and now. Joe Poligone and John Lipich, 25th MP Company. Four Sgts. from the
300th MP CO. This looks like Tent City. CSM Glen Bates, Cam Ranh Bay.
Al, Todd and Lee
Laliberte (today) at
The Citadel.
Wayne Kirby, 218th MPs, PBR, Vung Ro Bay, Gary Donald, 66th MPs, unknown 300th MPs. Below, Peter Dedijer and SP4 Edwards,
part of the 720th MP BN ambush team. Wayne Herrington stands next to an ARVN APC destroyed by a mine. Wayne with CPT Phan
Ky Nhon, ARVN 8th Q.C.(MP) BN at the Central POW Camp at An Thoi, Phu Quoc Island.
Carl Brewer, 560th MP CO, Can Tho. Below
with Bill Zevillo, Carl in the background.
Ron DeLia, 504th MP BN
An unknown 615th MP CO MP stands at the gate to the 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon (1966).  FSB Bastogne, 1969 101st Airborne MPs, Gary Smith riding
_Shotgun, SP4 Krieg standing, unknown on M60 machine gun. David Polash at entrance to a bunker, Phuoc Vinh. Rear gate to Camp Evans, SP4 Richie King
facing camera, gunner is Joe Bonino, David Polash seated in second jeep. LT Frank Burns, XO 212th MP CO (Sentry Dogs), unknown, COL Mickey Helderman,
89th MP Group.
Nha Trang
Photo Jim Stewart
Audio Machine_Leaving the Nest
Thomas Leo Briggs
Thomas Leo Briggs
Thomas Leo Briggs
A 630th MP checkpoint for controlling the entry and exit of trucks that pick up cargo from ships that have delivered
goods to Cam Ranh Bay for use by Allied forces in Vietnam . The Cam Ranh Bay Provost Marshal discussing the MP's
duties for inspecting the ship's cargo hold. An MP checks the manifest of a truck leaving the dock.
An MP and three Korean MPs at the main gate to the Korean White Horse
Division. Anita Bryan uses the shoulder of an MP to steady her mirror as she gets
ready to appear at a Bob Hope show. Leon Wilson, 615th MP CO,poses. MPs man
the gate to the processing center for troops heading home.
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