Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Vung Tau was a beautiful coastal city with heavy French architectural influence. Freighters
and other ships would stage here before going up the Saigon River to the Saigon Port or into
the Mekong Delta areas of Can Tho, My Tho, etc. MPs would be assigned to ride these
freighters, tugboats pulling barges, to provide protection in case of enemy attack. This photo
was taken from an old lighthouse where radio communications were maintained with the
MPs doing the escorts.
Upper right: A "pig" tries to arrest a pig. This 560th MP thought this would be good in the
mess hall. The pig escaped. Besides river security the MPs did town patrol in Vung Tau.
Vung Tau was a 3 day "rest and recreation" (R&R) center for soldiers wishing to take a
short leave in country.
MP Randy Howell 504th MPs
Skip Brown and Gary Sundt, 720th MP Bn. string barbed wire around the village of Long Bin Tan near Long Binh. That night they were assigned
to ambush squad. Skip lives in Pennsylvania.  Gary lives in Washington State. SP4 Mathis, Russ Padgett, PFC Salsa, 504th MP BN.
Ken Burkhammer (CID) and Bill Parish. Both from the 552nd MP Company at Long Binh PFCs Cox, Potee,
Rodriguez, Peel from "A" CO., 716th MP BN, Saigon. Above/right, Vietnamese soldier, Blakely, Covey and
"Doc", 9th Infantry Division MPs
SP/4 Ditimus, SP/4 Holloway, PFC Chuck Kuhn of "A" Co., 716th MP BN, Cholon District of Saigon. Chuck extended and
went to the 25th Infantry Division MPs in Cu Chi (right).  Passing by helped to rescue a dog for a Vietnemese family
. Chuck,
2nd from left below, and his studly buddies in MP school at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Below, Bob Dorsey from the 527th MP
CO, Saigon, responsible for town patrol. Upper right: 615th MPs Bob Judish and Jim Newman.
photo Richard Alvarez
Lt. Frank Ribich gathers the men for coffee outside of the PX in Cholon prior to the typical 12 hour patrol shift. Ron Bennett from
"A" CO, 716th, far left, enjoys his morning coffee. 615th MP gun jeep on patrol near Hwy 15. A Vietnamese MP rides shotgun.
Doug Dragert (left)with the 552nd MPs.
Notice the dog feet underneath the guard
shack. This adopted pet had a home. This
dog actually bit General Seaman,
Commander of the II Field Forces. Gen.
Seaman was a good sport and actually
came back later and gave the dog water.  
Right:  Joe Hanicak, 630th MP CO, Cam
Ranh Bay, takes a break from a convoy
run to Dalat.
In memory of my daughter Phuong (1969-77). Killed in Phan
Rang, Vietnam in 1977.
The regret of my life is not to have known you.
photo by Jim Stewart, 1967
My good friend Per A.W. Christensen, 527th MPs, Saigon, trying to behave on a day off in the city.  Me, two other
552nd MP CO troops entertain the troops. Me with our hooch monkey.  Taken at the base camp at Dian, 1st Infantry
Division, the BIG RED ONE. We were assigned to convoy escorts and P.O.W. security.
This 504th MPs V-100 vehicle was used for
convoy escorts.  It was fitted with dual .30 cal.
machine guns.
photo Jim Stewart
Vung Tau
Russell Leggitt, 716th
MPs, Saigon.
Joe Hanicak, pictured in jeep on left,
meets up with fellow MP Andrew
Bain (on left, above photo) after 40
Steve Maxwell, above, getting
ready for a convoy to Pleiku,
545th MP CO, 1st
Air Cavalry, 1965. Below, Harold
Jones, 9th MPs with a female
615th MP guard mount, Long Binh.
James Moncrief, holding American flag,
92nd MP BN Change of Command.
Red Faction_Breathe
Raymond Niemcewicz, RobMartin, 560th MP CO. A Big Red One MP.
Bob Whiteside, "B" CO,
716th MP BN 1970-71.
In memory of Douglas
E. Crooks, killed by a
sniper, 1971 Quang
Tri Province.
Military Police Of The Vietnam War
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