Mike Papa
A wonderful photo submitted by Donna Grenier.  Front: CAPT Duncan (560th MP CO), Major
Petersen PM AFV, LT COL Hubbell, PM US, LT Gernhoefer OC, AFV, PM Unit, Second row: CID
member, 1SGT Wilson RAAF, CID member, WO Eaves, RAAF, CID member, CIC member
(kneeling) Third row: US Navy SP, Korean MP, CPL Blake RAAF Police, Vietnamese National
Police, SP4 Pope MP, Korean MP, CPL Marshall (Donna's father) Aussie MP, Vietnamese MP (QC)
Back row: Vietnamese MP, PFC Sebastien MP, SGT Chapman RAAF Police, SGT Bryne, Detention
Staff, SGT Calder New Zealand MP. Lower, right, SP4 Randy Woolbright "C" CO, 716th MP BN.
720th MPs patrol
downtown Vung Tau,
the R@R Center.
Joe Canfora, upper
right, Jim Tsafos and
Bob Nehring all of the
127th MP Company.
Dan Crull 560th MP CO,
Roadrunners, Pleiku,
23rd MP Guard Mount. Ready to escort diginitary. Bob Smith 66th MP CO, wounded while on convoy 1970.  Al Mayo, below left.
Mike LIttle was with B Company 504th MP BN in Pleiku. These screens are from his
great video (a real rarity). Click on the green image on the left to see his video.
Watch video here
127th MP CO
630th MP CO HERE
MP Parks on patrol in Dalat.  Walter Plummer and John Gettings, 630th MP CO. Peter Banks, Dalat. Art Diaz, A CO, 720th
MP BN, Long Binh. Below: 630th MPs take one of their own "prisoner". Claude Thompson and Larry Osburn. Larry Green,
Max Womac, Owen Shields, Joe Stonich, 630th MPs. Lower right, Clay Hopwood, 148th MP Detachment
Visit the
Pleiku MP Association
Marler, Pastula and Porche of the 300th MP Company. Above on their V-100. Dana Mansfield, right, Hai National
Police, "Red" and SGT Lee, Korean MP at Nha Trang.
Sgt. Childress, Earl Widegran Bruce Cook, driver, and two unknown 71th MP BN MPs patrol
during Tet '68. McKinney and his jeep after an ambush. 9th Infantry Division gun jeep.
Future World Music_Guardians of the

Guy Wold 4th INF DIV MPs. With his buddy Summerlin, Pleiku. On the road to Dak To.
Mike Little, 504th MP BN "Roadrunners", 1967 along Hwy 19.  Part of the convoy crew, D. Goodin, L. Abney, J. Devenney, Joe Tucker,
Bob Oilshlager, SGT John Lovett.  Dead Man's Curve ambush Hwy 19 (photo Mike Little).  Joe Devenney, Bob Tate Mang Yang  Pass.
Mike Fossen C CO, 720th MP BN, Long Binh. 720th MP BN provides security outside the
International Hotel in Saigon during Tet. Noel Miller laying down the law from atop the Embassy.
Click on above
image to see larger
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