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Military Police Of The Vietnam War
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Men at Work
127th MP CO MPs play some hardball in the sands of Qui Nhon then got their hair cut in the Rose Barbershop.  152nd MP
Platoon MPs attached to the 199th  Light Infantry Brigade.
716th MPs, Saigon, on the prowl during the Tet Offensive. Thomas Casper. Diet Rite Cola, simply the best. Me with 552nd MP Company, 1966.
Mike Blakney, 630th MP CO out of Cam Ranh Bay, foreground with
convoy going up a 15 mile stretch of "Ant Hill" to Dalat. Right: on
top of a V100 with a 50 caliber machine gun next to Cambodia border.
Balmes, Levere, Doc and Mike. Mike with a
Montnagard boy holding his grenade launcher.
Knapp mans the 60 cal. in the back of the jeep.
Right, Mike Blakney with MP recruit.
photo Mike Blakney
Below: Scenic road between Cam Ranh Bay and Phan Rang. PFC Georg with the 504th MPs, Anh Khe.  Hershel Sweeney, 300th MP
CO, Jimmy McDaniel 127th MP CO.
David Heck, "Ace" Acinger, Buddy Miller and Roger Croft, all of the 504th MP BN. These MPs were on loan to the 545th MP CO
of the 1st Air Cav. The gun jeep on the left has it's machine gun wrapped in a poncho to keep it clean. Miller has added a "Make
Vietnam Groovy" sign to the front of his gun jeep. Camp John F. McDermott.
Al Bradley with QCs at PMO in Bien Hoa. Me joking around with a 527th MP outside of the International Hotel, Saigon.
Jim Dobson at Qui Nhon, 1967. V100 on Bong Song Pass. Lower left, living the life of luxury at a fire support base. Dan
Weber, right, south gate at Quang Tri, 504th MPs.
courtesy Roger Merillat
Bannister and Terry Sulzberger. 615th MP CO, Long Binh. Jim Winstead,
458th PBR, 18th MP BDE.  Below, 2 MPs from the 9th INF DIV. Fred Dillion,
Scott Smith 716th MP BN take a break in Saigon.
504th coming back from a convoy to the DMZ.
Audiomachine_Knights and Lords
716th MP BN MPs outside of the USO in Saigon. 82nd
AB MP searches a Viet Cong prisoner.
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