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Lex et Ordo
Henry Mungle, 560th MP Company. Mungle, front, with Connerly and Thomkins. Joint patrol, Aussies, US,
Vietnamese MP.
188th MP Company MPs at shift change at the Newport docks in Saigon. 615th MPs at guardmount prior
to convoy escort at Xuan Loc.
720 MP BN MP officers ready to go into the field. 720th MPs handle a drunk soldier at the PMO in Bien Hoa.
199th MP guards VC POWs.
MPs check out damage from terrorist bomb that killed Vietnamese civilians. A
716th MP removes an M16 rifle from a truck destroyed in the alley of BOQ3
during fighting at Tet. 25th Infantry Division MP hands out C-rations to VC
MPs on the look out on top of an ATC (armored transport carrier) in the delta. 720th MP BN ambush
team prepares for the night shift. Two MPs who were awarded the Bronze Star w/V (valor) for their
heroism during Tet.
615th MPs (detachment) relaxing in their room inside the National Police Headquarters in Thu Duc. An MP with the ever
present kids. An MP with a beer, a camera and his dog...perfect.
127th MPs do a sweep of an area looking for a soldier who tried to kill his commanding officer with a grenade (known as
fragging). The Vietnamese pointed out where he was hiding and is seen here being lead away in handcuffs by a CID
(criminal investigation division) agent. 92nd MP BN headquarters.
127th MP CO Williams aboard his V-100. Joseph Balestrieri with the 458th PBR (patrol boats) and on patrol.
Mike Plunk, 560th MP Company. Merle Hoskins, 218th MP
CO with a local cop at Ban Me Thuot. Right, a 212th MP
(sentry dogs) gives Vietnamese kids a tour of the dog
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John Regan, "A" CO, 716th MP BN watches the revelry in Saigon on
the eve of the Tet Offensive. 545th MPs (1st Cavalry) barbeque at Anh
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Carl Hargraves and SGT Wetzel, 560th MP
Company. Jim Hietala with Andy the mascot
of the 615th MP Company.
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