Military Police Of The Vietnam War
3rd Platoon, 4th Infantry Division Military Police
Left to right, top to bottom: Fuller, Loeffelholz, Dykstra, Shelton, Kennedy, Rose, Reed,
Vincent, Thornton, Weigand, Leach, Grossarth, Tucker, Blumer, Pilot, Wolff, Koury,
Niswonger, Baker, Morrison, Jensen, Simpson, Martin, Foerester, Rohan, Miller, Jenner,
Mawn, Cala, Burris, Prazak, Tanner, Hantz, Kneebone, mascot Lifer, Camacho, McRae.
John Neverla 630th and 504th MPs. Here seen on road patrol in
the AnKhe Pass. John was also in Cam Ranh Bay. John Schembra,
557th MP Co., Long Binh. Getting ready for convoy detail. John
lives in the Bay Area of California.
Two MPs from the 25th Infantry Division.  Mark Casey, 1st Infantry Division MPs out of Lai Khe, 1969-70  
Jim Ahlfeld, A CO 720th MP BN
Beautiful, but deadly territory near Tay Ninh.
Below, Sgt. Dean and MPs from the 66th MPs out of Qui Nhon. Above/right,Charlie Klotz breaks
out some c-rations during a convoy run with the 560th MPs. Larry G. Wilson 66th MP Company,
convoy escort. Terry Quisenberry, 1st Infantry Division MPs.
1Lt. Tom Briggs, "C" Co. 504th MPs (Kelly's Cougars) near the Mang Yang Pass. A promoted Capt. Tom Briggs (178th MP
Detachment) with a Korean MP officer. Andrew Showalter, 127th MP CO, Qui Nhon.
Photo courtesy of SSG Fred Koury, 4th row, far right
photo courtesy Ed Bodwell
Virgin Mountain, from chopper - Jim Stewart
4th Infantry Divisions  PMO located at Duc Pho.  SP4 Paul Robinson, 25th Inf. Division MPs. Jimmy Manley, 716th MP BN, 1968,
The few, the proud, the Marines.
Lt. John Holloway
John Schembra today. A
retired police sergeant of
30 years.  Married for 30
years and author of the
book "M.P." (see the
BOOK STORE for details).
John has a new book out,
"Retribution". Also in  the
Tom today.  3 years
MPs, 3 years DEA
Special Agent now
retired.  Tom actually
taught school  in  my
hometown of Elkton,
2nd Lt. Joe Bilby of the 1st Infantry Division
MPs stationed at Dian, 1966.Chu Lai base camp.
Dana Mansfield, 272nd MP Co., McDermott Field south of Nha Trang, 1976. Daryl Achenback and his buddy,
Alexander, play some cards before their shift. 557th MPs clown for the camera.
Bob Whittaker readies his M-60 machine gun for a convoy run. Bob, kneeling second from left,
with other MPs at Dong Tam.  Bob below reuniting with George Lutz and Tom Hart. Left, Jim
Murtaugh and Mike Leon met 30 years after serving together in the 557th MP Company.
Christopher Keelty, 557th MP CO. SGT James Kittle,
66th MP CO, 1966.
Firepower, the V-100
Commando/armored car, M60
machine gun and twin .30
caliber machine gun. First
used by the 720th/504th MP
Battalions. Photo courtesy
Chuck Daly
In memory of
Randy Ray 560th MP CO,
0, Pleiku
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