Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Larry Deibert, left, 557th MP Co., Long Binh. Right, the 3rd Plt. of the 557th sits around relaxing after a shift. Check out Larry's book in the
BOOK STORE. Cliff Prosser chats with "Doc" at LBJ in Long Binh. Dean Lee was with the 557th MPs and stationed at Long Binh.  Dean
worked with the Provost Marshal for 6 months and  pulled regular MP duties for 6 months
De Gower sent in this pic of her dad,  Sgt. James Pingleton, Sr.  
He was with the 284th MP Co. and worked at LBJ from July
70-71.  He lives in Kentucky. Guys from the 284th MPs kill time
playing cards.
Yes, it looks like a state penitentary.  This was LBJ, or the Long Binh Jail.  There was crime committed by troops
while in Vietnam.  Fragging (throwing grenades at Officers or NCOs), drugs, AWOLs (absent-without-leave),
assaults, rape and even murder.  There were 199 murdered troops during the war.
Over 500 prisoners were housed here (during 1971) with 100 MPs on guard during the day and 48 on night shift.  
The longest stay was about 6 months until they were shipped back to the prison at Leavenworth.  Some were there
just weeks and returned to their units after being reformed.  Pat Liszkiewicz,  left, was with the 284th MPs who
had responsibility for the prison.  These LBJ  pics are courtesy of Pat  Liszkiewicz..
contraband was not brought into or, out of the country.  Jack Hartman. Jack is from Florida.
SP4 Bennett and another unkown MP wait to be
transported Khe Sanh where they would provide
support for the incursion into Laos
W E L C O M E !
(to jail)
The 95th MP BN put this defensive driving sign up outside of LBJ.  Another view of the jail above.
Gary Harding, 557th MP
Unknown MP at perimeter of Tan An. Below, Don Masemer, 284th MP CO,
LBJ, 1968. Richard Bates, 101st AB MP and his father CSM Glen Bates LBJ.
Three 23rd Americal
Division MPs, Danang
Therion_Carmina Burana_ O Fortuna
James Terry Abbott CID
101st Airborne Division.
Killed 1970, Tua Thien
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