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Taken from atop an apartment looking south towards downtown Saigon.  This are just out side of the Ton Son Nhut Air
Base was home for a lot of military and civilian personnel.  I lived in this area and even remember my  address, 195 Troung
Minh Ky Street.  Sgt.s Bill Moran and Bill Krob, C Company 716th MP BN, Saigon, 1972. 101st AB MPs at Phuoc Vinh,
SP4 Johnson (driver), Smith (shotgun), left rear SP4 Bocker.
Korean MP Park,  
Mr. McCoy with the
Red Cross,  Graham
Handley, Aussie MP,
716th MP Stan
Schlatter and  
Korean MP Lee
pause for a picture
inside the Ton Son
Nhut Civilian Air
During TET II the VC mortared and rocketed Saigon continuosly.  To the left a plane hit on the
runway.  Several military personnel were killed while waiting for their flight home when a
mortar struck the air terminal.  Above right,  Customs MPs check outbound baggage.
Sgt. Donald Neudecker and Sgt. Bill Coleman check out a bridge before letting a school girl cross.  Above, Allen
Campbell, all of "C" Co., 716th MP Battalion. Allen was just reunited with his buddy Don Neudecker in  2007.
Mark Stickney, 218th MP CO, Nha Trang.
Jeff Shaw, "A" CO, 504th MP BN, Phu Bai, 1971-1972, standing next to his V-100, Iron Horse.  Paul Mueller, Chris Daniels and an unknown
seated Sergeant make fun of Charlie McKellick (with bandaged hand) who cut off the tip of his thumb changing a tire.   Upper right, Jeff Shaw
and Buck Owens chat with two MPs on town patrol duty. Hon Cong mountain below, 504th area of operation.
Richard Hatz, 557th MP CO, Vung Tau. Dan Crull, 716th MPs, Saigon, sits on his jeep. Bill Ricard, one of
the voices of WACO in Saigon (MP Dispatch) after a scuffle in Saigon. Bill today with his wife Darleen  
visiting the Grand Canyon.
Terry Scharton, 615th MPs, Long Binh with the bloodhound mascot "Andy". Two MPs, Willy on the right, back a gun jeep
into the motor pool. Dale Laughlin, 25th MPs, Cu Chi. LeRoy Gardner was in Pleiku/Anh Khe with the 560th MP CO.
Jerry Vieth served with the 152nd MP Platoon attached to the 199th Infantry Division, here mugging and holding a picture of
his hometown girlfriend Nancy. Jerry and an unknown desk sergeant. Tragically Jerry was killed in a traffic accident in 1975.
Larry Dorsett, passenger, Robert Fydock, M-60 gunner get ready for a convoy run with the 199th Infantry Division. John
Zegler, B Company 720th MP BN assigned to PBR (river patrol).
I hope those mechanized boys aren't having thoughts
about what they can do to that MP jeep.
courtesy Dale Laughlin
Road outside of Cu Chi.
photo Mark Stickney
Joe Johnston, 101st Airborne MPs, main gate at Phuoc Vinh.  Gary Smith, 101st Airborne on bridge
to Song Be, 1968. At Firebase Bastogne, don't ask how these state side car licenses plates made it all
the way to Vietnam.
John Schembra, 557th MP CO on patrol near Bien Hoa. Unknown 720th
MPs and QC buddy. Ray Antolic, 716th MP BN outside PMO, Saigon.
Mass Effect_Reflections
Per Christiansen, 527th MP CO on a day off in Saigon. Unknown MP at the main gate to China
Beach. An unknown Vietnamese MP (QC) in Saigon.
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