Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Bill Martin from the 127th MP Company.  To his right is a Vietnamese
Security Guard.  To his left a Korean Miliatry Policeman and a
Vietnamese QC (MP).  Bruce Raught, right, with a group of Vietnamese
QC's and Security Guards. Right, Truman Cox, A CO/716th MPs
escorts "The Duke",  John Wayne.
A beautiful Catholic Church, one of many in the country.  Above, a shop owner in a typical souvenir store in Bien Hoa just north of
the Long Binh Army Base. Right, MPs patrol streets of Saigon.
Two 127th MPs in typical MP gear.  On the right is the town patrol uniform and left is the typical sentry, convoy gear, minus grenades, etc.  Bob
Whittaker here in the early years, 1962.  Bob was with the 560th MPs, the first MP Company in Vietnam.  He would later come back with the 9th Infantry
Division MPs. Jemes Brown, the King of Soul, chats with an MP after a show.
On March 19, 1967 the 9th Infantry Divisions 3rd of the 5th Cavalry got into a heated battle with the Viet Cong at Bau Bang.  After a 6 hour battle
231 VC were reported KIA.  Below a 9th Inf. Div. MP gets ready to airlift two captured VC prisoners to the POW compound at Bear Cat.  Ray
Lawrence, from Wisconsin, guards VC captured in an operation.
Tony Wood submitted these two photos.   The MPs are unknown.  It is believed that the
gun jeep, above right, maybe from the 504th MP BN.  Anyone identify these pics? A 716th
MP stands watch over body of victim of car bombing.
Roland Cooper, left, outside of headquarters in Danang.  Roland was a courier who carried code books between Danang and Cam
Rahn Bay.  Note his shoulder holster. Above, Jim McDaniel atop a 199th Light Infantry Division vehicle manning a .50 cal. during
TET.  Jim was with "B" Co. of the 716 MP Bn. stationed in Saigon. Above, right, MP hastens people away from Hotel bombing.
Chargin' Charlie,
courtesy of Lee
William C.
Weiss, Jr.
killed in
Vietnam on
May 6th,
1970, Quang
Tri Province.
William's sister Cindy was only 13 years old when her big brother was
killed in Vietnam.  Records show that he was in a UH1H1 chopper
involved in a mid-air collision with another chopper during an operaton
supporting a campaign in the Quang Tri Province AOA.  Killed along with
William were CW2 Worthington,  Robert L. Kirk and door gunner Frank
Hernandez.  If you have any other information, or may have known
William, please contact me so that I can pass the info onto Cindy.  
Families still search for information after all these years.
Bob Baldwin, 22nd MP Det. shakes hands
with a "QC" in Can Tho.  Right, Gene
Adkins, 1971.
SP4 Raphael, SGT Robert Smith, SP4 James
Thomas, SP4 Thomas Krider, SGT James
Gilliard, 716th MP BN, Saigon
Christian Simonpietre
23rd MP Endress with 17 year old orderly, Mai.  Brian Keating waiting for arrival of
EOD to take care of a mine.Below, area around Phan Rang
A Vietnamese MP directs traffic in Saigon. Vietnamese school girls and lots of bicycles. A quiet
moment off duty. Outside of Saigon
Unknown 173rd Airborne MP
photo Bruce Cook
photo Bruce Cook
Larry Swails, Pleiku Field
Office, CID.
Jon Day, 3rd platoon sergeant, C CO, 504th MP BN. John behind wheel, WO
Henderson (sunglasses), 3rd platoon police station, Anh Khe.
560th MP Company change-of-command. CPT John Newberry and CPT
Charles Williams
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