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Military Police Of The Vietnam War
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Major Tom Briggs at an orphanage. The flowers were placed on his uniform by the girls. Steve Miller with the 66th MP
Co., Qui Nhon and Phu Tai, 1967-68. To the left is the PMO at Qui Nhon. Below, right, Qui Nhon Military Police Station.
Steve Miller with a python.  Upper right with MP Mehl
while on duty in Phu Tai.
Michael Collingwood with the 3rd platoon,  23rd Americal Div. MPs at LZ
Bayonet.  At right having to deal with the sale and use of marijuana by
U.S. troops.  An unfortunate
and unwarranted  legacy that would taint the Vietnam era vets, most of
whom never got involved, did their tour and returned home honorably.

John Henderson to the right.
The 23rd MPs "pet" Ocelot.  At left, 23rd MPs celebrate a birthday with champagne and cake.  Champagne and cake? LTC Cornell presents
Bronze Star to David Wright, 23rd Americal MPs. David today.
A view of China Beach (Danang) taken from Monkey Mountain.  Buddhists marcho on Hai Ba Troung Street in Saigon.  This pic was taken from
my apartment balcony when I worked as a civilian in Saigon.  Below the Long Binh ammo dump gets blown up, again.  In the foreground is the
552nd MP Company compound. Donn Sinclair, 1st Infantry Division MPs atop a V-100.
Steve Miller today living in New
York.  Married his high school
sweetheart and has two grown
kids.  Worked as a union
electrician for the last 34 years
Mike Collingwood today.  Lives in
Lexington, VA., and has a photography
and camera shop.
Two unknown MPs from the 66th MP Company.  Randy Chandler, 66th MP
Company. SP4 Charles Davis and Nancy Sinatra at the 630th MP compound.
Jim Kest, 504th MPs in Tuy Hoa, mans the machine gun while Sgt. Rock Miller looks on. To the right you must look close to see two water buffaloes
in the back of a commuter bus.  Wonder if they paid? Sung-Yung Choi sent in this photo of a joint MP patrol taking a traffic accident report.
A great photo of the guys and their gals back home.  Tee Tee, Jim "Kahuna" Kest and Willie, 504th MPs out of Tuy Hoa
show them off.  They were with the 3rd Platoon, seen having a barbeque below. Jerry Jensen, with the 615th MP CO holds an
M79 grenade launcher. Jim Pope with a Korean MP, 504th MP BN, Qui Nhon.
courtesy Roger Merillat
560th MPs on convoy through Phu Tai Pass.
560th V-100 "Passport to HELL", 1971.
Right, "Buck" Booth, Hugh Wesson 560th MP CO, then and now.  3rd Platoon, 560th MP CO, Can  
Tho, 1966.  Joey Bishop with John Patterson, 9th Inf Div. MP.Cole, Latta, Connerly, Carver '71,
504th MPs.
J. Rich on the perimeter. Davis getting ready for a shave in the field. Langlinais with a captured VC POW. Banowetz, Oakley, Langlinais, Bailey,
Gaspar, Decausmaker, Roy, Clark, Buckner, Blauvelt, Dryzel. All these troops with the 25th MP Company of the 25th Infantry Division.
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