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Military Police Of The Vietnam War
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Australian MPs Wally Pinch and John
Holthouse in Vung Tau.  Below, John
Clodfelter, 560th MPs wtih Aussies in Vung
Tau. What wonderful allies these guys were.
Taylor Wright, 560th MPs, Vung Tau with an Aussie MP.  American, Australian, New Zealand, Korean, Vietnamese MPs and
Vietnamese cop. Joint patrol, Vietnamese cop, Korean and American MP. Joint checkpoint, below, outside of Vung Tau.
G'day Mates
SSGT Choi was stationed in Saigon with the Provost
Marshal's Office from Oct. '65- Nov. '66.  Part of the
elite R.O.K. (Republic of Korea) MPs.  These were
hard-nosed fighters and vehemently
anti-communist.  A great ally.
Bernie Storer, Bowie Bouwhuis, Bob Griffiths,
Albie Taber, Trevor Coote,
back row: Martin Rudelback, Alan Mercer, Peter
Stapleton, Dicky Bird, Neil Sherritt, Hans
Vandevelde, Nui-Dat 1967.
Brian Marfleet,  Vung Tau, 1970.
Flags of South Korea/Australia.
Australian MPs await arrival of a convoy from Nui Dat. American MPs join in for some refreshments at the back
beach, Vung Tau. Joint patrol with 720th MP. An Aussie MP walks out of the PMO ready for patrol, Vung Tau.
720th MPs outside of the PMO on Le Loi Street, Vung Tau. Aussie MPs ready for patrol.
Andru Rieu_Waltzing Matilda
Joint patrol in downtown Vung Tau.  John Holtsouse holding M16 at checkpoint.
Alex Dobie and a Yank MP exchange head gear.  Doug Nichols chats with an
American MP.
CPL John Parker, Provost Forces, Vung Tau. Two MPs and an Aussie MP inspect old gun emplacements from
WW II. An MP at an entrance to a religious retreat in Qui Nhon.
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