Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Rockets hit downtown Saigon/Tet II '68. 716th MPs gettin' ready for work. Let's get this convoy moving, 218th MP CO,
Qui Nhon
photo byJim Stewart
720thMP with VN girl rock 'n roll band.
Right, 720th MPs at Bear Cat.
"The Rogues" from the 720th MP CO pose and perform at a hospital . Photo courtesy Cecil Rhodes.
Cecil was the lead singer.Tom Likely, 552nd MP CO, goofs around with house girl, Mai. 16th MP
Group Headquarters, Nha Trang.
Dale Mattier on ship escort duty, 127th
MPs.  Below:  Jeff England with local
Vietnamese police.
Jerry Cassell sent this pic in.  These are two
MPs on river patrol near Saigon.  Jerry doesn't
know their names or the MP Company.  
Perhaps someone can identify these guys.
127th MP
tribute, click
SSG Larry C. Jordan, 557th MP Company killed in the line of duty trying to save
fellow MPs under fire,  Bien Hoa, Vietnam, 1971.
"His career as a soldier was marked with distinction.  He was decorated for valor
two times while serving previous tours in Vietnam during which he was wounded
twice.  He is a friend and fellow policeman...always considered the needs of his
men.  He is a memory filled with respect for a man who unhesitatingly gave his
life to aid his fellow policemen...."

Part of the eulogy given by Capt. Hartless, 557th MP Company.
Johnny Bryant
today  at a  reunion
for the 25th
Infantry Division
25th Infantry Division MPs at Pleiku.  Gaspar, Decausmaker, Roy, Clark, Buckner, Blauvelt, Dryzel, Banowetz, Oakley, Langlinais,
Bryant, Bailey.  Johnny Bryant, then and now at a reunion. Elbert Thomas B CO, 716th MP BN, Saigon. 630th MP Company formation
courtesy J. Bryant
W.O. Buffkin, Teddy White, Ernie
Rich, 218th MPs, Nha Trang, 1968.
Gene Petrowski (center), John Copeman and Jim Craig,
Pleiku, 504th MPs
courtesty Roger Merillat
Lt. Tom Briggs with some fans. MPs checking out quad .50 caliber machine guns mounted on the back of a deuce-and-a-half
truck. 716th gun jeep during the Tet offensive.
courtesy Ynez Aguilar
Bob Ghirlanda, C CO, 716th MP BN, Mar. '68-'69. John
Parkin on duty with the 127th MP CO with a Korean MP
and Vietnamese MP (QC).
127th MPs.
Gary Donald, 66th MP Company.
Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman_The Kiss
Last of the Mohicans
Paul B. Erickson with Montagnard people ready to hunt for food with their bru knives. The Montagnard village, the Bahnar Tribe, near the Ayun River east of
Pleiku. A tank passes Paul's patrol jeep on HWY 19 between Pleiku and the Mang Yang Pass, 504th MP BN, 1966.
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