Military Police Of The Vietnam War
I remember my first convoy out of Dian, the base camp for the 1st Infantry Division.
I was standing in the back of the jeep looking out over the M-60 machine gun that was mounted on
the back.  I saw a metal bar on the front of the jeep.  It stuck straight up in the air about 6' and  
jutted out at a 45 degree angle.  I asked one of the guys from the 1st MPs what this was for.  He told
me it was to prevent me from getting knocked out of the back of the jeep from any wire strung
across the roadway.  Oh! And I volunteered for this?
Sgt. Hobo, below, was not to be mistaken for a
sentry dog by any means.  He was the lovable
mascot of the 720th MPs.  Sgt. Hobo stayed at
Xuan Loc while everyone else went out and
PFC Eugene Garmon, 720th
MPs test fires the M-60
machine gun while George
Gillespie feeds him. Brose is
standing next to him.  In the
background are Gary Sundt
and Jim Bryant.
Gary Sundt, t-shirt, and
720th MPs Brose (South
Dakota),  Robertson
(Virginia) , Bryant (Georgia)
and Hayes (Colorado)  take a
break from unloading supply
Bringing up the rear of a convoy, 720th MP BN
Sgt.Mike  Russell of the 720th on a convoy run to Cu Chi and Tay Ninh.  Right,
Skip Brown from the 720th demonstrates why speed is a dangerous thing, even in
Vietnam.  This was in the village of Long Bin Tan.  Simpkins, with M16, looks on
On the ground are PFC Durdin, West and Martin from "A" Co., 720th
MP BN.  In the boat are PFC Boring, Henslee, Dedijer and Lane. This
is a recon team on the Dong  Nhi River in 1967 looking for VC activity.  
Two ambush squads would return later that night.
Robert "Twiggy" Henslee of the 720th
MPs leans on an M-60 machine gun.  
He was part of the river patrol squad.  
In the background is the Dong Nhi
River bridge.
Now this is getting
dirty.  MPs Peter
Hill and Fred Geise,
2nd Platoon,  4th MP
Company, 4th
Infantry Division at
Plei Dejereng
(LZ3-Tango) an old
French village. This
is near the Ia Drang
Valley about 5 miles
from the Cambodian
border.  The year
was 1967.
Pablo Hernandez today on his bike in
his hometown of Philadelphia,
Robert Henslee today.
Henslee, Sundt, Poe, Stockton (back
Schroeder, Senkovich, Alfeld, Lutz
(front row).  720th guys meet again.
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Above is Company "B", 720th MP "Bushwacker" Jim Brunotte today of Vista, California.  
To his left is what remained of his jeep.  While on convoy he ran over a land mine Aug. 28th,
1968.  Jim's partner,
Robert Alicea, was killed.  Welcome home, Jim.
Please click on Robert's name for a tribute from Jim.
Michael Goodwin served from 69-70. Below, Pablo Hernandez with the 3rd Marine
Division Armed Forces Police in Danang.  With him are a Vietnamese QC and a
Korean MP. Upper right, Anh Khe home of the 504th MP Battalion.
Above, 504th MPs on convoy escort.
504th MP jeep ran over a mine. All 3
MPs in the jeep survived.
720th MP BN Recon & Ambush team.
Frank Scellato is second from left,
Gary Lagabo far right and Dale Bolen,
kneeling. The names of the others are
lost to fading memory after all these
years. Below, Bob Weisman, 630th MP
Larry King, 9th Infantry Division MPs. Gary Cummings, the Big Red One MPs, on the 50 caliber machine gun.
Dan Crull and his V100. Johnny Bryant, 25th Inf. Div. MPs and his pet parrot. Bryant wondering how he got himself into this ditch.
Sam Schiera and Ted Emory (driver) 615th MP Company, '66-'67. Leon Wilson, 615th MPs. Daniel Ferrara, Long Binh Provost
Marshals Office, obviously day dreaming. Road patrol, 1972. Below, left, unknown 615th Lieutenant with captured AK-47.
Ted Emory
Second from left, above, unknown Lieutenant with 552nd MP Company. Tower/bunker at Tan An. Tim Carpertner, obviously dirty from a convoy escort, 552nd MP
Company. SSG Wayne Webb, also of "The Deuce", 552nd MPs. 615th MPs Sparks and Paul Carrier, driver, on loan to the 9th Infantry Division, Tan An.
The Gladiator
Byron Mullican, 82nd AB
MPs, front gate at Phu Loi.
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