Combat Support
18th MP BDE awards ceremony following Tet Offensive. A very early
image of some MPs.
Click on the photo for a larger view. A 50 caliber
machine gun is given maintenance before river patrol
Unknown MP ready for duty. Relaxing in front of Company C sign. An MP can be seen in front
of the Rex BOQ, 1966 (
click on this photo for larger view)
An MP sits outside of the Meyerkord Hotel. 1966. A body lies in a bombed post office
in Saigon as an MP looks on.  720th MP BN MPs interacting with the locals. Smile for
the camera. (click on these images for a larger view)
Outside of an unkown location in Saigon. Rocky Adams (218th and
630th MPs), and Korean partners SGTs Shin and Lim and unknown on
the far right. MPs outside of the bombed Metropole Hotel (
click on both
images for larger image
CPL Paul Rhoades, 3rd Marine MPs outside of the Danang Hotel, checks arriving
workers. Army and Air Force (SP) customs. Avengers II, MP V100
212th MP CO sentry dogs, in training and going to work (Vung Tau). One of the loyal
dogs. (
click on dog image for larger image) An MP at Cam Ranh Bay seizes contraband.
Convoy out of Tay Ninh. An MP stands outside of the PX at Cholon (Saigon).
Below: 716th MP BN checkpoint during Tet Offensive. Allen Wilson, 23rd
Americal Division MP cleaning his M60.
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