Military Police Of The Vietnam War
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courtesy of Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin, Big Red One, with a grease gun that he purchased for
$25.00.  A patrol stops to pick up some ice from a vendor in Ben Cat
Two examples of Big Red One MP gun jeeps.  If you look real hard at the front of the jeep on the left you'll see
the metal bar that goes straight up and then out at a 45 degree angle that would cut any wire strung across the
roadway.  MPs Martin, Sanders and Clark outside of Phu Cong.  Bob Scott, 25th Infantry Division MPs.
These were the "shoe shine boys".  Don't let their youth fool you.  These kids who worked the streets were
masters of the con and would pilfer anything they could get their hands on.  They would sell and steal
anything.  This gentleman owned a fleet of taxis. 615th MPs
In memory of William L.
Sanders, 615th MP Company,
killed during a night gun jeep
patrol at Gasoline Alley,
Highway 1A, Vietnam, 1967
William was awarded the
Silver Star
River scene out of Dian. The US Simon B. Buckner.  At the time the largest troop carrier in the world.  Myself and
a company of 552nd MPs had the "pleasure" of this 21 day cruise to Vietnam in Sept. of 1966.  Who were our
guests.  Marines, Marines, Marines, hooyah!
Fallen soldiers on
guard in the
mansions of our
218th MP Ron Bailey exchanges helmet with a Vietnamese MP.  218th MP guys today, Knapschaefer, Terrell,  
Capito, Hoffman, Naret, Bailey, Delach.  Lavasseur and Stevens, 504th MP, upper right.
Sgt. Don Stanley, 1st Infantry Division MPs out of Lai Khe in the Iron Triangle.   Three VC
Officers captured during Operation Cedar Falls, 1967. South gate at the Dian base camp of
the 1st Infantry Division. Bob Knottek and buddy on patrol.
Looking into a V-100
manned by the 504th MPs.
David Arrington, Scott Fisher with two Vietnamese MPs (QCs) and a Korean (ROK) MP. ROK MP= bad dudes. Sgt. Webb, SP4
Vanda on patrol, Hwy 1. Ted Emory, 615th MP CO, in Cholon district of Saigon.
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