Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Combat Ready
Roy Barfield was originally with the 552n MPs and then the 615th MPs running convoys back and forth from
Long Binh to Saigon and doing road security patrols. SP4 John Connerly, 560th MP CO, Anh Khe Pass.
Jim Peterson, 1966 with the 55-Deuce MPs at Long Binh.  Here with off-duty Vietnamese cop.  Jim later went to the
557th MPs.  Right,  Dan Nelson, 557th, reads a letter from home while unkown MP looks on.
Right, a convoy makes it's way through busy Saigon.
Below 1SGT Dan Simmons with the 66th MP Company, 1969-70.
V-100 ready for convoy.  MP in front brandishes his M79 grenade launcher.  Twin .30 Caliber machine gun and in the rear an MP on the M60
machine gun.  A 66th MP V-100 sits immobilized after an ambush. Patrick Jacobs, 25th Infantry, Cu Chi. Dennis Ritchie, 560th MPs, Pleiku.

SFC Moseby taking a break during a convoy run out of Dian in 1966.   Lynn
E. Wampler, "Big Red One",  mans the M60.   PFC Taylor and Thomas
Martin also of the First Infantry Division MPs.
A Big Red One MP watching equipment being dropped at a fire support base.
Provost Marshal LTC Timmerberg (he's the chap on the right) during a break. Vic Guarino, 9th INF DIV MPs.
Dan Simmons, right, reunited
with Ken Hunsucker, both 66th
Bill Norcutt, 504th MP BN in gun jeep. Some of the territory patrolled by the 504th, Dennis Berri at the French Grove. Cecil Rhodes,
foreground, 720th MPs, gets ready to assist the 9th Infantry Division with a convoy escort into the Mekong Delta.
1966.  Officers and NCOs of the 25th Infantry Division Military Police, 1966. Frank Haskin, 9th Inf. Div. MPs. Below photos courtesy of Vic
Guarino, 9th Infantry Division MP Company, Tan An.....
Weeks, Mahoney, Demilliom others unknown, 504th
MP Battalion. Ron Craft PBR river patrol, Vung Tau.
Lt. John Bradley,
5th Infantry
Division (Mech)
MP Platoon
Leader, Lang Vei.
Above, a 5th Inf.
Div. MP cleans up
a V-100 after a
Lester "Tex" Collins, killed
in a firefight, Dong Tam,
9th Inf. Div. MPs.
Lt. Watson with the men at the range,
9th INF DIV.
Full Metal Jacket_Ruins
Military Police patrol in Pleiku. MPs aid wounded at a terrorist bombing at a Saigon Post Office (the wounded
are Saigon cops) and at a floating restaurant.
Gerald Schmidt, Cecil Rhodes, Ron
Kidder, today. Click on photo for
larger image.
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