Roy Martinez, 173rd Air Borne MPs, Dak To. Black Horse, 11th Armored Cavalry, MP living
quarters. 504th MPs on duty at a Bob Hope Christmas show. 720th MP BN recon squad.
720th MP BN MPs with their mascot pose next to a gun jeep. Rich Hampton behind a gun jeep.MPs look over
the bodies of VC killed during the Tet offensive of 1968. An MP from the 545th MP CO (The Cav) watches Kay
Stevens perform. An aerial view of Ton Son Nhut air base in Saigon.
Call of Duty
18th MP BDE desk sergeant and radio operator. An MP stands in front of the stage at a
Bob Hope show. The town of Bien Hoa.
Smile for the camera. An MP stands in front of the 92nd MP BN Headquarters. Joseph F.
Lodise was killed while engaging the enemy as a gunner on the V-100. The floor of the vehicle
was wet from a downpour and an electrical malfunction electrocuted him.
Joseph F. Lodise
Doug Dragert, 552nd MP CO, in front of the stage at Long Binh for a Bob Hope
show. Saigon at night, near cufew. Louis Lawhorn, 1st Infantry Division MPs
Windy Beach Cafe at the back beach at Vung Tau. Quang Ngai landscape.
Matias Puumala_The Art of War
Wilson, Regan and Falcone, 557th MP CO ready for convoy from Long Binh to Newport Terminal in Saigon. Wilson
and Falcone outside of their hooch. Mike Mink, Tom Regan,
Ken Wilson, Garret Falcone today.
An MP from the 18th MP BDE with an unusual spotted puppy. MPs and local police at the scene
of a traffic accident in Saigon.
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