Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Mike Collingwood stands in front of a sign for the times.
Pablo Hernandez, Armed Forces Police in front of a pagoda. Chris
Gardner, 560th MPs at Anh Khe, Pleiku.
The R&R (rest and relaxation) facility at Vung Tau.  This was a beautiful location on the beach and a nice
spot for that 3 day getaway. The guys were lucky to have 3 day breaks.  Danang offered China Beach.  Out
of country you could visit Hong Kong, Hawaii, Australia, Taipei,  Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lampur,
Panang, Bangkok and Japan. LTC Jack Hill 18th MP BDE CO, greets Hank Snow and his band.
Rick Hughes looking bushed after a convoy run with the 504th. Alan
Brannon, 218th MP DET with Special Forces solider at Ban Me Thuot. Alan
today with his grand daughter Anna.
I stepped under a tent stake while with the 1st Infantry Division.  The gash got infected and I had to have my big toe nail removed.  Tom Likely decided
now was the time to have  a boxing match.  It was refereed by PFC Helmicki.  The match was one-sided, winner not to be disclosed. This was at our
"barracks" at Long Binh with the 552nd MP Company.  Michael Much on the M60, Big Red One MPs, and today. Below, 1st Inf. Div. MPs Michael
Much and Phil Wiechman at Lai Khe.
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Curfew was typical throughout  Vietnam where nothing moved on the streets during these hours except the MPs, and National Police
Officers.  Graveyard shift was a very eerie feeling in the towns that bustled during the day and were dead still at night. Just imagine a
city as big as Saigon with a couple million people milling about during the day and only a handful of men allowed on the streets during
curfew.  Very eerie, indeed. Below, Unknown 1st Inf. Div. MPs at the front gate at Dian.
Remember to twang!
Tom Bull, 25th Infantry Division MPs, Cu Chi. Right with his family today.
66th MP Company Post Office at Camp Eagles Nest. Dan Myrick, 66th MP CO, at the entrance to Red
Beach.  Hopper and Von Zipper of the 23rd Americal Division MPs.
courtesy Dan Myrick
courtesy John Prahl
courtesy Michael Much
courtesy Michael Much
courtesy Michael Much
Chris Gardner, 560th MPs at Anh Khe, Pleiku, 69-70.
Rolland Ellis, below left, 272nd MP CO out of Nha Trang
and Korean MPs. Other MP was known as "Airborne.
Unknown MPs, to the right. Photo courtesy of Tony Wood.
Below, Bill Ondrejecik stands in front of a curfew sign,
2300-0400 hours.
196th MP Platoon, LZ Baldy. Officers of the 23rd Americal Division Military Police.  LTC Albert Ackerman, 720th MP BN
at Xuan Loc.
1st Lt. Brian Sullivan, 127th MP CO and Vietnamese MP (QC). George Hunter, C CO, 720th MP BN, Long Binh. Larry Riley,
127th MP Company.
Duane Eddy_The Avenger
Paul B. Erickson, 504th MP BN, Danang, front row; Mike Hundley, Fred Schultz, Paul
Scaglione. 504th at checkpoint at Mang Yang Pass near Pleiku.
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