Military Police Of The Vietnam War
23rd Americal Division
Military Police
A 23rd Americal MP gathers
around some comrades,  
Pictured are a Vietnamese
Security Guard (KS), a
Vietnamese MP (QC) and a
Vietnamese National
Left, MPs Massey and
Bazala.  Bazala holds an
M203 40mm semi-auto
grenade launcher mounted
on his M16.
Three 23rd MPs around a gun jeep. An M60 machine guns is mounted on the tripod on the
back. QC (MP) Hanh and Irvin Wilhite, 218th MP CO. Below, QC Hanh (2nd from left) with
other QCs and police officer.
Now we all know MPs were NOT allowed to have ANY fun on their tours of duty.  It was prohibited.  Here a bunch of 23rd
Americal Div. MPs  in their club.  Sgt. Recob is shown NOT having fun with a dancer who performed at the club.  Everyone else
seems to be having an awful time. Roger Thompson with the 198th MP River Rats. Mark Boadwright, 9th INF MPs and his
buddy Joe Ward in front of POW compound.
Below, left, the Prisoner-of-War camp at Chu Lai, 1969.  Below Dutch DeGroot and his buddy Mike Ackerfeld.
Above, right,  Randy Mixter, 615th MP CO, Long Binh, '67, Highway 1A patrol. Jim Ruffer and Steve Jones, on
the M60, 615th MPs.  John Wright of the 198th River Rats.
"If I'm payin' to have this jeep
washed, I'm gettin' some sun."
Below Skip Landers on the V-100.  
Photo is by Stanley Brown, 23rd
Americal Division Military Police
An unknown 23rd MP
at LZ Baldy.
Made it home.
23rd Americal MPs DeGroot, Ackerfeld
and Stiles at a recent reunion.   Nice to see
old friends.  Something only a vet could
Gary R. Heale, with a
small platoon of MPs
attached to the
196th Light Infantry
(note the patch).  Here
at a
P.O.W. cage at Hill 35.  
These cages were built
quickly to house VC
brought straight in from
the field until
transferred to more
permanent camps.
Look closely and you'll
see a few VC sitting
under the shelter.
Gary today with his 14 year old
daughter Jessica.  Gary in a
Confederate Officers uniform
and Jessica in a traditional civil
war era dress.  Gary lives in
Rochester, New York.  
Gary submitted these photos of MP buddies Sgt. Lou Spinogatti of the
196th and Bob Kotch (right), one of his best friends. John Turner,
716th MP BN, and at Bien Hoa.
Ron Kostrzeski and Lt. Schute
Tom Wellman, 127th MP Company
Bob Maslowski
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