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....In memory of.....
I can't tell you why.  I can only look back and remember.  I know this place happened, but was it
really 40 some years ago?  It seems like yesterday.  Were there regrets?  Sure.  Can we change
what happened?  No.  Were we different than the great guys from the Korean War? WW2?  No.  
We were just soldiers.  Plain and simple as that.  Can I tell you why I, or any of the other guys on
these pages made it home and Jacob  didn't?   No.  I can just tell you that we should be grateful
and never forget.  And never forget Jacob B. Babin, Jr.
46,558 troops were killed due to hostile action in America's longest war.  Not too many know that 10,390
more troops were killed due to
non-hostile action.
454 died as the result of illnesses, including hepatitis and malaria.
354 tragically committed suicide. 199 troops were murdered at the hands of others.  208 died from heart
attacks and strokes.
Above MPs Gaskin and Griffin from the 23rd Americal MPs. Tony Wood, from the island of Lombok near Bali sent this pic that he had of
unknown MPs of the 504th MP BN. Peter Hill of the 4th Inf. Div. MPs. Above, Louie Crook, Lennie Reichard, Ken Anderson in Nha Trang,
Below John Schembra with some war orphans.  Another tragedy of the war.   The MPs provided security for medical teams who went to
these orphanages in and around Bien Hoa. The orphanages were run by French Nuns.  An unknown MP from the 196th MP Platoon. Steve
Crump, "C" CO 716th MP BN ontop of a tank in Saigon with an Vietnamese MP (QC).
Ron Herrick sent in this photo of a 716th MP BN jeep pulling in next to an ARVN tank during the
TET offensive in Saigon. Lewis Shull, 615th MP CO (Bloodhounds). Unknown MP, Aussie MP
and Vietnamese policeman. 560th MPs Stone, Petz and Roden in Kontum.
Jacob Babin, Jr., "A" CO, 504th MP
BN killed in an ambush March 26th,
1971. Jacob had extended his tour of
duty past the required one year. He
was killed with 11 days to go in his
tour of duty.

Mike Sylvester, 9th Inf. Division. 9th MPs of the 1st Platoon, Long Thanh. MPs. SP4 Connerly, Korean MP, Anh Khe Pass.
In 1968, 16,511
troops died,  
That is an
average of 46 a
day.  The
number of troops
wounded during
the war was
Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerrard_We are
from The Gladiator
Bob Dembro and Joey Bishop, November, 1968, on patrol at Dong Tam with the 9th INF DIV MPs. Blakley and
Murdock, river security and MP Williams, all of the 9th INF DIV. Mike Blakney and Jim Williams, 630th MP
CO, finish up a convoy from Nha Trang to Ban Me Thuot.
9th INF DIV miniature golf course at Dong Tam. MP Burnett at Camp David. Louis, Brumitt, Paul Johnson, Davis
and Murdock goofing off at Dong Tam. Campbell, Brumitt, Covery, Ott, Booker and Murdock at a 9th DIV MP
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