Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Military Police Of The Vietnam War
Fear & Reality: "I dedicated this book to all my
brothers who served in Vietnam and did a job that seemed as
thankless as any in our history as a nation. It is offered as a
rebuttal to all novels depicting the American solider as a
dishonorable lot. A true combat Military Policeman's first
hand recounting of fear, faith, death, and a search for
understanding in the Vietnam War."
Latrell Bellard
M.P. is a tale of Vicent Torelli (as drawn from the
author's own experiences in Vietnam in 1967), how he
survived the hell of combat, friendships that were
formed, and the sorrows of lives lost.
Lockdown Madness: is a must read for
all who choose to understand what really
happens in most jails, a real look at the
inside. Look for Jim's second book
Steel Doors
on-line now.
CID Army Detectives in Peace and War: Herb
Marlow focuses on criminal investigations, both funny and
serious, during his tour of service, including the Vietnam War.
The Angel From Vietnam: See more
on the purchase of my book on the
John Scembra and me
at the Military Writers
Association book
signing, Veterans Day
weekend, 2005,
Sacramento, CA.
Saving Babylon: Paul Holton tells a gripping, heartfelt
story of the real job our soldiers are doing in Iraq. This will
take you to a place in Iraq you've never seen or heard before.
Paul Holton
Torpedo: Jeff Edwards has written a thriller. An
accident at a nuclear power plant, an attack on a
British Embassy, and a trusted allies alliance with with
a rogue nation will have you on the edge of your seat.
Jeff at a book signing.
A Spiritual Warrior's Journey/Sacred Eye/Purple Hearts: Bill
McDonald takes you through the pains, the loves, the wisdoms of his divinely guided
life. Plus two books of his poems. Me with the author Bill McDonald.
Ghosts of the Nam: Charlie Fortner tells of his
experiences in the Vietnam War through his poetry and
Corregidor, From Paradise to Hell: Ben Waldron,
from our "greatest generation" tells the tale of the battle for
Corregidor and his three years as a prisoner-of-war during
Jim Daly
Grief Denied, A Vietnam Widow's Story:
Pauline Laurent, pregnant and twenty two, is told that her
husband is killed in Vietnam.  Living with this for over
twenty years Pauline tells how she rekindles her faith in the
simple possibility of happiness.
Winner of the 2005
Distinguished Writers
Award from MWSA.
A Saigon Party and Other
Vietnam Short Stories:
Diana Dell. After her brother Kenny
was killed in the Mekong Delta Diana
went to Vietnam with the USO. Her
short stories are irreverent, outrageous,
and insightful.
The Last of the Short MPs:
Volume 1:
By Wayne Lennon. Take a
humorous look inside the MP Corps from a
short MP. Set in 1961 join Wayne's
journey to prove his mettle.
Thou Art With Me: This book by author Tim
Desmond is a reverential look at both life in California's
central valley and a gesture of gratitude to the men and
women who saw this country through WW2.
A Love Beyond Explaining: An
orphan's journey from being abandoned in
Vietnam to his upbringing in Georgia. Jason
Robertson tells an uplifting story of his search for
himself and his family.
The Gold Buckle: Charles (Chuck)
Gibb has written a compelling story of a young
German SS officer torn between the country
he loves and a country he must defend. A
story of coincidences and intrigue.
My Thousand Yard Stare:
Poems of war from Vietnam and Iraq
by Gary Jacobson, to tug at the heart
and stimulate the spirit of healing and
The Blue Cheer: Ed Lynskey's novel about an
MP turned P.I. A stinger missile and a home grown
terrorist group sends P.I. Frank Johnson on a
dangerous mission to halt this threat and all hell breaks
Retribution: Follow Vince
Torelli, now an Inspector for the
S.F.P.D., in John Schembra's
new thriller.
CounterClockwise and Every Shape, Every Shadow:
Roger Conlee has two novels.
CounterClockwise, a genre-busting book
within a book combines elements of alternative history (the Japanese attack
on California) and science fiction., and
Every Shape, Every Shadow, a
scared young Marine battles on Guadalcanal (winner of the MWSA
Distinguished Honor Award for 2006).
Winner of the Military Writers Society
of America
Silver Award 2007.
Misplaced: Join Angelina Wentz Memon on her
journey from Vietnam to find her father in America. The
inspiration for this journey? An unspoken bond between
father and daughter.
Cash On Delivery: Thomas Leo
Briggs takes us into Laos and the secret
war that went on during the Vietnam War.
Watch the trailer
My Last War: Charles Grist
served as an infantryman inVietnam
and an MP in Iraq. This is the story of
the men of the C.O.B.R.A. Team, to
document the events that shaped Iraq in
2004, and  tell the stories of some of the
America's warrior-citizens, the men and
women of the Reserves and the National
Charles M. Grist
Thomas Leo Briggs
Angelina Memon
Roger Conlee
Diana Dell
Herb Marlow and me, Sacramento
Pauline Laurent
Ben Waldron
Charlie Fortner
Me, Bill McDonald,
The Boys of Northwood: Randy
Mixter has put together a
delightful trip through his
boyhood in Baltimore during the
50's and 60's.  Randy is a 615th
MP CO, Vietnam Vet.
Randy Mixter
Also available, Randy's new book,
Memoirs of a Military Policeman in
Highway Platoon, by Joel T. Nichols.
Joel T. Nichols is a military retiree and a retired
peace officer. He served two tours with the
Army in Vietnam. He is the author of two
previous books, as well as magazines articles
on military and police subjects.