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Military Police Of The Vietnam War
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Jim Franklin (560th MPs) sent in this very interesting photo of the staff of the 1st Training Brigade.  These
were the men responsible for training us at one time.  It is believed that the name of the D.I., second from left,
standing, is SFC McCallister. Upper right, SSG Ed McCall, 5th MP CO  out of Dong Ha. Upper right, MPs (in
class A uniforms) outside ot the original Embassy that was located downtown. This embassy would be
destroyed by a terrorist bomb with dozens killed and hundreds injured
Me, Willie Walker (behind the wheel), Jim
Troupe on the 60 cal. machine gun, Lewis to his
left and another 552 MPs get ready for a
convoy run.  Left, 300th MPs Boyer and Matt
Canning at the Saigon Harbor, '66
David Walls, 127th MP Company takes a break,Qui Nhon.  Russell Leggitt, 716th MP Company,
Saigon. Upper right, Michael Goetz, 560th, Xuan Loc and Kalish at a checkpoint on Hwy 15.
Brothers of the 127th MPs take a break on the balcony of their hooch.  720th MPs pose on top of V-100 in front of a pagoda. 560th MPs
Sears, Williams and QC Thu at
Bien Xi Moi.
MPs were known for not minding their own business.  This snake strolled onto the base and just had to be inspected by these two 127th
MPs.    Vietnam was known for beautiful beaches and these pics from the beach at Qui Nhon were no expection
Above, 127th MP clowns around.  Ron Rice, right 4th Infantry Division MP with a local cop
at Ban Me Thuot. Ken Hunsucker, on radio, after ambush, 66th MP Company.
John Regan, "A" Co., 716th MPs poses with Vietnamese MPs (QCs) outside of the National Police Compound in Saigon.  Pictured are Sgt. Vau,
Lam, John, Chi, Ben and unknown QC.  This was in February, 1968 just prior to the TET offensive. Ken Bergman, 557th MPs, "driving" and
Cunningham play with kids at an orphanage. MPs provided security for doctors who visited these places. Ken, below, with orphan. Major
Lincoln Brigham, PMO, briefs the 196th MP Platoon at TayNin.
Mike Sylvester, with a buddy, was with the 9th Infantry Division MPs in Bear Cat and Dong Tam.  Larry Hendrix receives the Army Commendation
Medal.  A mine is exploded off the side of the highway to Vung Tau.  552nd MPs prepare for patrol.  1st Lt. Dave Fields, 25th Infantry Division MPs,
lower right
photo  Ron Frampton
photo Mike Sylvester
photo D Reiter
Above, left, photo of Nha
Trang taken from
chopper. 218th MPs on
convoy duty. Orphaned
child taken in by 218th
MPs. Sgt. Dick Reiter,
218th MP CO, (left) with
Stanley Heslep. Today
with grandson Jonathan
Tipton. Ray Foster with
the 720th MP BN.
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